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Catching up

First of all it sucks to be sick. I don't know what I caught, nor where I caught it from, but now I'll be coughing for at least a week and my lungs are already sore from the last two days of hacking. I just hope that my wife and son don't catch it. Alex already has ear infections and a nasty cough coinciding with the arrival of four new teeth. At least his black eye is better.

A lot has happened since December, and I won't even begin to enumerate it all, just to tell you that I was working feverishly to get VMware and QEMU/RAW Hard Drive images working in rBuilder Online. With that task completed I am no longer working on rBuilder, instead I'm working with Ken VanDine and Xiaowen on something to be announced soon.

Yesterday I modified the PHPAppPackageRecipe class to make it more friendly to sofware upgrades. Previously the tarball containing the PHP application was extracted directly to /srv/www using whatever root folder was in the tarball. Then the recipe made a link connecting /srv/www/ to whatever folder was extracted. The problem with this arrangement is that if that directory contained the version, as many php apps do, the next version would be installed to a different location causing a manual step to move settings and data to the new folder.

Now the recipe extracts the application as most other packages do to the conary build folder. Then I copy the contents to /srv/www/ and eliminate the link. Hopefully this will ease upgrade pain. I rebuilt Gallery bumping its version to the newly released 2.1 and Serendipity in the LAMP rBuilder project so if you're running either of those be aware that there will be some one-time transitional pain. Feel free to contact me for help in upgrading to these new packages.