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PyCon 2007

Turbogears Last night I returned home after 3 days at PyCon 2007 in Dallas Texas. I think my brain is full. It was great to meet people to whom I've talked on IRC or email, or whose software I've used. It was also fun to hang out with Mark Ramm, Robert Brewer, Ian Bicking, Ben Bangert, Rob Orsini and Chad Whitacre at Robert and Chad's suite on Friday night. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

As Robert mentioned in his blog post, there was some mind melding, er, meeting on the part of Zope, Pylons and CherryPy as well as others. I'll look at the way that sockets are handled and contribute some code. I'm looking forward to this collaboration. In addition to what Robert mentioned another thing we decided was to come up with several "stories" for deployment and help guide users down the right path for them when deploying a Python web application.

For the rest of the conference, most of the keynote and full length talks were good, the lightning plenary talks were great, having several rooms to hold Birdts of a Feather (BoF) or non-scheduled talks provided much enlightenment, owning an 802.11A wireless chipset was a difference maker in connectivity and bandwidth, and lots of Pythonistas have beards (some of which are out of control)

I noted several things that I thought merited additional attention:

  • trac -- I didn't know it could be used with mercurial instead of svn

  • pyjamas -- generate javascript from python code

  • Idea (some kind of testing tool, can't find a link)

  • IPython -- Interactive Python including a replacement for pdb

  • Jack Slocum's YahooUI extensions/datagrid

  • Fitnesse -- A framework for collecting functional and integration tests

  • Zope's TestRunner -- Has something that could be used for memory/object leak detection

  • Monit -- might be used for the same

  • Star Schema -- Data reporting in memory instead of in db

  • Packaging eggs instead of building new setuptools targets for linux packaging systems.

  • zdaemon, supervisor2 and other libraries that may make daemonizing a python program trivial.

  • Lots of cool testing tools: figleaf, twill, scotch

Hopefully I can make it again next year.