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I love to scrapbook, but try to cut cost corners here and there (typical of every stay at home mom). So I hold off ordering photos till I have 100+. I think one time I ordered nearly 400, so lots of photos to work on at once. I am so happy that has a new product, they have collage prints! The only thing that really sucks is that you can't move the photos on the print, but when you don't have the fancy expensive software you take what you can get. So this time instead of ordering 250ish photos to them crop, place and glue, I ordered a few 4x6 prints and several collage 8 x 10 prints. The best part is that I save a bunch of time in the prep stage and get to having fun faster. I've tried this feature out a few times, and since have found it wonderful and look for excuses to use it. Thanks Grandma Betty for wanting a poster size of our last beach trip, I had a blast playing with the border size and colors. I hope you like it. I just recently finished a 8x10 print of our recent Moab trip. I used the sepia filter on several of the photos and then left a few in original color Boy those really pop. As soon as I get the print I'll have to upload a picture of it. I think it will be great especially to scrapbook. Maybe I can ask my honey for some awesome photo software for Birthday/ Christmas, but with my luck he'll find some complex free software that I'll never use (he has found several that just 'collect virtual dust' on my computer. What is the good of free if you have to have several different programs to use to accomplish the same thing as one? Especially if they have different user set ups and confuse me?).

PS I'll be posting my lastest finished projects for those who would like to see them soon.


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