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Days like these...

It is days like these when:

I wished we lived close to the kids grandmas. They would be dumped on their door step, or maybe just one would. Then maybe Abby Sue wouldn't be Teagan's chair or punching bag or torture device (I'm starting to think he has been around Laurelin too much). Maybe then my living room would be in better condition than it is right now.

My couch isn't a climbing wall. But wish I had one somewhere (and not just for the kids).

Disposable diapers should have been worn. Cloth just provide too much cushion. And I need a holster for our spankin' stick. (that's for those cowmommas.)

I had to force my voice back. I've been horse for the past three days, stupid cough. I'll be horse tonight, and it won't be because of the cough.

I wish Abby Sue didn't have a tooth. ouch! I did cut her claws back.

Wishes for more recycling. Weird? The recycling bin sits beside the excersaucer, so when Abby Sue is bored with her saucer, she pulls out the recycling.

Wishes Alex didn't get a balloon bow and arrow from the balloon man and Moe's last night. Then I wouldn't have to be training to be a balloon artist to repair the thing.

Wishes for a few more hours of daylight, it might of helped things.

Ok, I'll stop wishing, I know it will never come true, except my voice coming back and more recycling.


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Jen on :

Well, if it makes you feel any better, even when the Grandmas do live close...inevitably Grandma isn't available for a drop off when you need it most. Seems like it would work out that you'd have a lot of help, but in reality, it doesn't. We are lucky to get a babysitter two or three times a month...and we have 2 grandmas (and beaucoup aunts and uncles) within 15 minutes. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

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