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My best friend... died

Sunday my best friend broke. Yes, my very old pfaff broke. I was shocked. But I found the problem, so Sunday ended with hope. Monday was a day of waiting, my pfaff store was closed. Today Teagan and I dash off to Raleigh, only to receive horrible news. A repair isn't possible. My machine is so old they don't have the parts. Distract would have been an understatement to how I felt. Desperate, I call Joseph to see if he would let me buy the very last pfaff this store will ever have (they are closing out their machines). When he refuses to let me buy it, I hung up on him. I didn't want to let my emotions run wild and say something I wish I wouldn't have. So I drive home in tears.

Joseph's solution: buy another equally old machine on ebay or try and find the part and have them replace it.

Which solution is best? I don't know. Mine is a quick fix, and we won't have to worry about finding replacement parts for. Joseph's is longer to find, cheaper, but still uncertain as to how long that solution will last.

I promise to stop crying soon, maybe.


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Jennifer Tate on :

That is so sad! I would be lost without my machine. I will say that when I went from an old machine to my brand new one, it was different, but now I LOVE all that it can do with it! It is fabulous! Good luck...hope you find what you want!

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