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Jelly Rolls, Layered Cakes, Turnovers

So I've recently jumped into quilting, and still trying to stay afloat. Awesome patterns are EVERYWHERE. Then come the challenge, finding those perfect fabrics. Sometimes I'm completely lucky. A friend introduced me to and there I found Popp'n Posies. Yes, Abby Sue will have a quilt for a big girl bed before she is out of a crib. The best thing, they have a fabric kit. True it doesn't come with everything I need, it comes with enough (and it was on sale right now too!) to get started. I found another pattern that is jelly charm friendly. For you, and for me I went ?. Apparently quilters not only have a love affair with fabric, but for sweets too. Jelly Rolls refer to lengths of fabric cut into 2.5 inch strips (all off one collection). Turnovers look just like turnovers, triangles. Honey buns are 1.5inch strips. Desert rolls are 5 inch strips. Then you have your charm and your flat quarter packs.

Boy, this gets confusing and hungry. So I munch on a cookie or two and try to search for something that is impossible to find, boy friendly fabric. And rejoice when I think I found two Jelly rolls to decide from, but atlas no matching charm pack. And it is hard to tell online if things match or even close enough.

So I'm no closer to finding my fabric and still want more cookies!


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