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Hello World . . . we are still here

No, I've not forgot to blog. But I just didn't know what to blog about. So here is our lives the past few weeks, in a nutshell of course.

1. Joseph's PyCon: He grew a shaggy beard and wrecked the red car. Gave a last minute notice class. And seemed to miss us too. But we all survived and was super excited to have him home again. The kids even made him a welcome home sign.

2. Sickness is thriving here. Abby Sue and I don't sound to pretty, and her nose runs like crazy. Teagan had a 'broken ear,' but that is all healed. Now to just get us girls all better.

3. We have given up with modern day 'soap.' In fact if anyone is interested I've lots of Lever 2000. But don't worry, we are stinky. We started using all natural soaps. See, the boys have skin problems and modern day soap only makes it worse. So by switching they are getting better. I'm enjoying it too. I don't need very much lotion any more. And we get to pick fun different smells. Right now we are using rosewood and Florida Sunshine. Rosewood is very nice, but very strong if you have lots of bars together. Florida is very citrus and is great to awaken your senses.

4. Joseph turned 33 on 3/3. Made a big day of it, though his present hadn't yet arrived. For dinner we went to Thai Cafe. Joseph got green curry, which was suppose to be Thai hot but it wasn't. Instead Teagan was slurping it down.

5. Abby Sue is ONE! It was a good day. Abby Sue of course had to fight to keep her new toys, they were so cool her big bros love playing with them. Though Joseph tried to repair our leaking sink, but we had fun at Lowes picking out flowers and planting them. For dinner we went to Kurama's Japanese Steak house. Very yummy. All the kids love it there. We did make one discovery, Alex LOVES shrimp. Which is good.

6. Joseph is discovering the old way to shave. He has never enjoyed shaving, and his whiskers grow pretty slow too. So he would try different disposables and electric. So for his birthday present he got a double edge safety razor, badger hair shaving brush, shaving soap and stand. So far so good, though it takes a bit to get used to.

7. Alex got into a year round elementary school! So Friday the boys and I drove everywhere getting the stuff needed to register him. And then we registered him. He is super excited about starting "kindergarden school."

8. Teagan has discovered the fun of climbing chairs and kids tables which has now expanded to playground equipment. Friday we went to the park, and I couldn't find him. He climbed to the very top! No wonder, he usually stays on the ground. So after I took his picture I helped him down. Only to lose him again. Yep he was at the top again. I'm so happy. Now he'll have more fun at the park.

9. Summer vacation plans are underway. Tickets to Utah were very cheap. So we are going out there to hit several natural places and spend time with family. It has been very hard not knowing many of the Tate side. Hopefully we will be able to spend time together and help Alex, Teagan and Abby Sue get to know more family. We'll have lots of time, about a month. I'm sure they'll be excited once we leave.

10. Today at church, a friend was giving out candy. Teagan choose a fireball. So I reluctantly gave it too him in the car. Thinking he would spit it out, I thought I was ready. Well, as many parents know plans don't work. Teagan said 'spicy' and then proceeded to swallow it. Of course it got stuck and he was choking. Joseph and the missionaries were laughing until I went he's choking. I was getting ready to do whatever I needed to when Teagan got it up and out. Thankfully Joseph finally pulled over the car and processed in most male manner, what am I suppose to do? So after Teagan purged himself and we were cleaned up as best as could be, we were on way home. Next time Joseph gets to sit next to the kid with the fireball, but that is what I always say and I'm the one that is always stuck in that position.

I think that is all in a nutshell.


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