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Up Again!

Yea, our web blog is up again. There has been so much to share, I don't know where to start. Our three weeks in Utah were great. Lots of fun with family, lots of camping and lots of sight seeing. Bryce, Grand Canyon and Zions were amazing to see. Alex and Teagan still ask to see all their aunts and uncles. We were also stricken with a bunny bug. So in a few hours we will be leaving for a farm to pick up an angora bunny of our own. Though I'm hoping for two.

Alex had a great birthday party. Lots of friends in a swimming pool, what could be better? I handled the grill while everyone hit the water. It was a good thing too. Temperatures were very high 98ish.

Then on Monday I stumbled upon a great deal, 100lbs of peaches for free. Yes, I admit we didn't need all 100lbs of peaches as jam. But now I've got a two year supply. Ok, so it is probably more like a year and a half but a that is good too. I was up till 4am! But all 64 quarts and one pint were done. Then Tuesday morning when I pried myself off the bed we went swimming with our playgroup. Followed by a relaxing afternoon and dinner at Moes. Ice cream and cake and then canned 16 quarts of tomatoes.

3rd of July has been equally fun. Breakfast and a bike parade at the church. I discovered a super yummy muffin recipe! And then we went to a park while Alex and Joseph played ultimate frisbee Teagan and Abby Sue played on the playground. Now we wait and rest. Alex and Joseph are having fun playing super mario brothers while Abby Sue sleeps.

More adventures await.


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