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Busy weekend

We had a busy but fun and productive weekend. Friday night was dinner at cookout! Followed by a run around the parking lot at church, also known as Trunk or Treat. The kids looked great, but I forgot to bring the camera so no pictures. I must admit the kids got a TON of candy. I also decorated our trunk! Yea, it was lame, but three pumpkins is better than nothing as past years.

Saturday we finished putting a new roof on our shed. Great happiness there. Bunnies also got a little hair trim and grooming, their hair was just getting way to long. Kids spent most of the day outside while this was going on. We received a surprise visit from my sister and her hubby. They came down for a weekend trip and Caroline Cane game (hockey for non sports fans). Saturday night we went trick or treating at a near by neighborhood. Kids loved walking from door to door. And Abby Sue loved carrying a piece of candy at all times. Again, I forgot to take pictures.

Sunday I actually got Abby Sue in nursery! Yes, I had to go too and sit on the hard carpet covered cement floor or be crammed into a little chair will lots of other toddlers eating snack, but it is a start. It is hard to believe that there are around 14 in Abby Sue's nursery class. And there are two other nursery classes too! Sunday afternoon my sis and BIL stopped by again. Then after Abby Sue woke up from her nap, we pack dinner, costumes, camera and kids in the van and head to Raleigh to visit family. Unfortunately, Abby Sue refused to wear her costume and Teagan didn't want to wear his. So no pictures again. But we had nice visits with Grandma Eloise, Creech family and Annette. More goodies too.

Poor Joseph has been sick all weekend and was up all night, so Monday he missed out on more fun and excitement. On or about April 7th Abby Sue will be replaced as the baby in the family with this little monkey. Joseph even guessed the gender right, a boy. And a good thing to, Alexander and Teagan both wanted another brother. Will Abby Sue be the only girl? Who knows, but she has the personality to be the only girl among a herd of brother.


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