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Things I've learned...

1.) I don't think Teagan will ever be better. He has ear infections in both ears, but finally stopped whining. But can't seem to hear anything.

2.) Fuji apples make very yummy applesauce. But you have to be careful or it will be apple soup, since they are so juicy.

3.) Abby Sue loves "Lilo and Stitch." Of course she thinks that Stitch is a blue dog, but I love it when she asks for 'moomie' and I ask which one and she starts barking.

4.) When I stay cold for too long I get cranky.

5.) A working heat pump is a glorious thing, of course that is a good load of $ later.

6.) Don't start a Christmas quilt towards the end of November and hope it will be done by Christmas. I've got the patchworking done, now just to make it a quilt in two days.

7.) Audio books are wonderful! Joseph got me the Chronicles of Narnia for my birthday and I hate not sitting down to quilt now, cause I listen to them then. Of course, that means Joseph has to play the bad cop to get me to go to bed. Cause when I get to tired to quilt I'll just sit in my sewing chair and listen.

8.) North Carolina this year has been super weird weather. Summer wouldn't end and now we have already had three snow days! School was even canceled for one, snow make up day is in April for Alex.

9.) Loves receiving boxes full of Christmas presents. It is like one endless Christmas. First opening lots of boxes to put the presents under the tree. Then you get to open the presents on Christmas Day! I'm horrible. I like looking at the window wondering if the mail man or UPS guy will be making a stop at our house.

10.) I've broken down and decided I need to learn how to make hair bows for Abby Sue. She loves getting her hair done almost every day. Though she does like free hair days too. So if you know of any online tutorials, please send them my way.

11.) Due to Alex's last break, I'm wondering if we will survive this one. Thank goodness we will be migrating south for a good bit of it. Swimming in December is always fun.

12.) I can't count. I tried to order photos for family, but I've discovered I just can't count. So back to the drawing board. I'll have to figure it out one of these days.

13.) I really got to start working on Christmas decorations of our family and STOP giving them all away. ( I know I said this a few years ago, and I did make a really cute snowman cross stitch piece. But my house is looking a good bit bare of Christmas decorations.)


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Jennifer Tate on :

I know of lots of good tutorials for hair bows. What kinds are you wanting to make? Do you want the curly ribbon kind? the flower kind? the handmade flower kind? the classic ribbon bows? I will look in my links and send a few your way. I can never leave the house without someone wanting "pretties" in their hair! ;-) Glad you have heat again...I get cranky when I am cold too!

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