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KDE 0.90 beta Released

KDE Distro I am pleased to announce the first beta release of the KDE Distribution. This is based on rPath Linux 1 with updated kde, hal, avahi, cups and other packages, as well as added amarok, kopete, konversation, and k3b. DVD and CD images are available from the release page.
K Desktop Environment 0.90b Release Notes

This is a beta release of the KDE distribution. It is presented to the community as an unfinished work in order to solicit feedback and additional development help. As a beta release, updates between versions may require manual steps, and software may be broken.

Primary contributers:
Pavel Volkovitskiy (int)
Joseph Tate (jtate)
Additional contributors:
Roman Glebov (sleon)
Your Name Here!

This release contains:
KDE 3.5.4 (built with dbus, hal and mdns support)
Amarok 1.4.3
k3b 0.12.17
konversation 1.0
kopete 0.12.1
ktorrent 2.0.2

Known Issues
An error message appears when the hpssd service is stopped.
The dbus daemon (messagebus) presents an warning about the netdev group not appearing in this film.
No process exists to create the first user or configure the display before X starts. X may be configured once kde is loaded through the kcontrol application, but root logins are not enabled in kdm. To add the first user, use the "session" dropdown menu to select "console login", log in as root, and run adduser and passwd to create your first user. Then run "service xdm restart" to reload kdm.
The KDM login window does not use anti-aliased fonts.
Something in the initial startup tries to delete a non-existent cups certs directory.

Support and Volunteering
Please join the KDE discussion list to discuss development work and to report bugs. The developers also hang out in #rpath-kde on


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