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Everyone has days like this

That is what I'm telling myself. Everyone has days they have to constantly remind themselves that they love their children. Everyone has days they have to mumble it to themselves all day long. Everyone has days they can't wait till the kids bedtime. But why does it feel like I have more of those days with Teagan than I should? As I buckled Teagan into his car seat, yes he refuses to do that, and I told him for the millionth time to keep his feet off the seats I actually wished I had rope to tie his feet to the seat leg to ensure he would obey. Today when I told him to use his inside voice, I was half tempted to get the duct tape to help him stay quiet. And it was tempting to tie him up and gag him during naptime, just for the joy of having a quiet house.

Most of these visions of half temptation come after the fact and only lasted a split second, and I truly hope they go away. VERY SOON. I'm sure they will due to the fact life will change in two weeks. Energy will come back! I'll be able to move again without pain or feeling like I'm going to pass out! And I won't have to pee every two hours, if not more! I'll actually want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather and playing in the dirt gardening and taking picture of all my dogwoods in bloom (the pink one is blooming more this year than any other year we have lived here!) as well as all the other plants. Though I can't decided if my daffodils are done. They didn't bloom very much, but then again we went from 30 degree weather to 70+ in a week and summer looks like it might come sooner too.

Toast a glass of water with me to two weeks going by very fast (as long as the quilt gets done).


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