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the gory details of Callan's birth, or at least what I remember. But I wasn't a witness to all the gory stuff, I was a little busy.

We arrived at the hospital at 9am hopeful of a good induction. I already had some regular type of contractions, which has never happened before. But when the midwife came in to check me to get the pit going, she couldn't find Callan's head. Panic ensued, at least I was growing panicky. In a few minutes an OB resident came in with an ultrasound machine and the game of where's the head began. After a while they found the head, he is laying across my belly. So now they had to juggle the obs schedule a little bit and get her in to move the baby. One OB holding up the baby's bum while another dragged her hands in a downward motion. OUCH! Fortunately, he moved pretty quick and was happy to stay there. Though I don't think he could have moved, they had me in a surgical binding and splinted with towels. Yep, another OUCH! After a little while to make sure Callan was ok, it was time to start the pit. Now it is just a waiting game, though a painful one with the added pressure of the binding cutting into my back. And change was slow (since Callan head is so big, 16 inches around, the water got stuck and kept his head up highish.) So my midwife was scared to break my water due to the risk of the umbilical cord coming down instead of the head. Now it turns into a begging game, please break my water followed by many reasons not to by the nurse or midwife.

I give up, and later that evening I get an epidural. It was the most wonderful thing! Pain is gone! Life is good. Though I felt like I had elephant feet that were sort of asleep, but not really. Though my patience is running thin. It was been about 12 hours since the pit started and I'm only halfway to having a baby. I guess Callan is tired to because a miracle happened, my water broke! Though it felt more like an eruption than anything else. And about two hours later it was time to start pushing. I've no clue of time, so it could have been 5 minutes of pushing or 45 minutes. You'll have to ask Joseph. A baby began to crown and kept on coming out. All I can remember is the nurse freaking out that he was still coming. Apparently she didn't take us seriously when I said I've big babies. But this one tore me up very well. My midwife actually got an ob in there to stitch me up because of the extent. Here again the epidural was a life saver. I knew I was torn up, but I felt no pain. So, I was able to keep remotely calm and spent the first few minutes calling and texting family about the new arrival to take my mind off the fact that Callan was getting cleaned up and to ignore the pokes and pulls from the stitches and doctors. We finally finished! Though the nurse made sure I took plenty of time to get my legs back under me. I finally got to my room at 5:30am, starving. I hadn't eaten hardly anything all day Monday, I was too excited and ready to have a baby. So Joseph and I inhale a turkey sandwich each and decide that sleep would be a good idea. Joseph tracked off home to enjoy an undisturbed sleep in his bed, while I'm stuck at the hospital in an funky airbed that make a bunch of noise inflating or deflating every two minutes and nurses and nurse aids coming in every hour to get my vitals. That being said, I'm sure you guessed I didn't get much sleep at all on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. But I did have some awesome nurses and nurse aids.

I've decided that 8am is way to early for doctors and nurses starting their poking and prodding rounds. Though Wednesday, the lab nurses got started at 6am, which I just got Callan to sleep at 4:30am and then myself to sleep. And we did get stuck with the newest lab nurse, and Callan has tough skin, or maybe hiding blood vessels, so it took two of them 45+ minutes to get the blood for the newborn tests. But we left the hospital later that morning! And I finally got a nap. Though I am still catching up on sleep.


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