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Lessons taught by a 12 pounder

I must admit Callan is teaching me lots.

Lesson 1.) A 12 pound baby needs LOTS of milk from their first breath or their bodies start shutting down and then barely gain weight. Oh and they are very cranky. Unfortunately we had to learn this the hard way for three weeks before we figured it out. Now to bring in more milk...

Lesson 2.) He might think he has too many siblings, he startles very easily.

Lesson 3.) It is harder for him to figure out the night and day thing.

Lesson 4.) He is trying to monopolize my time and arms which makes life a challenge with three kids.

Lesson 5.) Naps are more fun when you cuddle. I did learn this one a while ago, but it is one you always need a refresher course on. Especially after being pregnant, it was so hard to cuddle with that huge bump in the way.

Lesson 6.) There is always something new to learn even if it is your 4th kid.

Lesson 7.) Despite it all, he is still sweet angel that I am truly blessed to have in my life.


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