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So the biggest change with having four, it that life never ends. Though that could be due to always having to either take kids to school or pick them up, so every three hours (or at least it feels like that) I'm back in the van picking up a kid. The house is always in a state of chaos, and there are random wet spots on the carpet. Callan is STILL a big spit- upper and he leaves his mark everywhere, I smell like yo baby yogurt right now. And I must admit banana yogurt doesn't make a very nice perfume.

Joseph is still super busy with work, so busy I don't know how he can survive on average 4 hours a sleep a day, and that is if he is lucky. I'm kept busy with the kids and my huge list of crafts to do before Christmas, hopefully everyone's present will be on time. Alex is doing very well in school, though his fine motor skills are challenging and frustrating him. Hopefully we will be able to get him some help from Occupational Therapy. Teagan has overdosed on button pushing pills and annoyance pills, so there are days that I'm ready to leave him somewhere. I think it is cause he is so darn cute, he thinks he can get away with it. And he usually sneaks by, and I've not left him anywhere, preschool doesn't count. Teagan is slowly learning how to read, he just can't sit still very long.

Abby Sue loves to sing and "dance." Though her dancing is more running or walking in circles. She has turned into an assistant chef, and I have to be extra careful about knives and even spoons. If she sees a spoon near by she will try and stir whatever it is I'm cooking. She is also too "loving" to Callan. Though I'm sure Callan thinks she is annoying not loving. Callan crawls everywhere! He does have a "croc" type of crawl, his arms are out and squared instead of under and straight. Fortunately, it slows him down. He is presently crawls over small things and climbs up things. He uses the climbing up things to sit, he is still figuring all the different ways to get into a sitting position. It is hard for him with a sister smothering him with "love" all the time.

We are very excited about this time a year. October was full of fun adventures! My sister and her hubby were able to visit with us for a week! We had loads of fun at the State Fair with aunt and great aunt too! And Abby Sue would NOT be left out of any ride, no matter what. And she loved them all, except the bumper cars which I'm sure she'll love next year when she is a bit bigger. And then Halloween and costumes and candy! November will be busy with helping Great Grandma settling into this chapter of her life, a few birthdays and an anniversary (9 years) and the biggest cooking holiday! So it might be a while before I'm back to report about life and load a few pictures too.


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