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Profiteering and the singular ant problem

I found this video highly interesting. Why do we have to have such heavy blinders on about healthcare in this country? Regardless of the position you hold on the Affordable Care Act, everyone should understand the facts presented in this video:

As a summary:

  • We pay more per capita in taxes for healthcare than any other country, but only a few get the benefits of a single payer health system

  • We pay more as a percentage of GDP on healthcare than any other country

  • Our care is not better (as measured by outcomes) than any other country with socialized medicine

  • It's not one thing that causes high healthcare costs, but a variety of things, but the common causes dragged out for public vilification are not the most significant factors

  • One cannot negotiate for better prices for healthcare while receiving care, so prices will naturally increase to the level the market will bear, which is pretty high

I personally think it's unethical to profit by the treatment (or cause for that matter) of suffering. That doesn't mean the healthcare provider shouldn't be compensated for his or her time, equipment, and materials and that they shouldn't be allowed to expand their business or invest in research and development of new treatments, but the provider administrators shouldn't be beholden to stakeholders demanding higher profit margins, and administrators in turn demanding more high margin tests to be ordered by providers when deciding what care to give to a patient.


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