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TurboGears 1.0b1 VMware and Xen images available

Turbogears I've been able to package all of TurboGears 1.0b1 with Conary. And with the new release of rBuilder Online, Xen domU images can be generated just as easily as VMware images. You can download images for Xen, VMware, Qemu, or Parallels here. Please let me know if you are interested in install CDs, and I'll generate them to add to the release.


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Michael Greene on :

That's great news! The install process can get a little hairy right now.

(Note: your site design makes it a little hard to read, all squeezed as it is).

eduardo osorio on :

hi, i want try the vmware image, but i didn't find the login/passw

please post that info thanks.

Joseph Tate on :

Log in as root. There is no password... Before anyone goes ballistic about that, the system will not allow any remote connections to root without a password, so it's only console exploitable, and we all know that without physical security, there is no security... :-)

Alex on :

Can you add the vmware appliance to the vmware appliance gallery, because it is the first place i went to look for turbogears setup in the vm.

Joseph Tate on :

I've added the appliance to the VMware directory at Not sure if it's publicly visible yet.

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