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Running a Muck

The now 18th month old little boy is busily getting into EVERYTHING! He's favorite hobbies include dumping the salt shaker everywhere and unloading the plastics onto the kitchen floor. I can't complain too much, for Alex is good at unloading the dishwasher and trying to sweep the floor. But there are times I wish he'd forget how to climb and stay off the dinning table and out of those items there too.

Alex is becoming squirrel. Apparently he takes snacks and hides them in his toys for when he is hungry and I won't feed him due to being close to dinner. I just watched Alex open the "hidden" trunk to his little tikes airplane and pull out some snacks. Who knows how old they are, but he seemed to enjoy them. Though he seems to be searching for more.

We are also pleased to announce the soon arrival of another boy! This little man arrives in May, or whenever he decides it is time. But it better be May. We are excited that Alex will be a big brother and have a little brother to play with. Though I imagine there will be a few issues at first, but as everyone settles into the routine life will be grand. We are also excited that this little man will have two cousins within 2 months for his birth. Now if only we all lived closer together so that they can have a fun together. Can't be too picky I guess.


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