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The circus!

My sweet aunt Annette bought us tickets to opening night of the circus as a early Valentine's Day present. I knew Alex would enjoy it, and I was right. He didn't enjoy the clowns so much, but many of their other acts had Alex's undivided attention. I think it helped we had pretty great seats, especially for the deal she got them at her work for. It also helped that they had a "big screen" and several camera men to help you catch all the action. Alex caught onto that fast and when he couldn't see what was going on the floor looked at the big screen. Alex loved the domestic animal trainer. Her opening act included cats and birds. And since Alex loves birds he was intent on not missing a thing. Her second act included dogs, and Alex enjoyed it. Alex loved the big number with the elephants to close up the first half of the show. He was clapping and boogying in my lap to the beat. It was hard to keep a hold of him. The clowns had a funny food fight act that was enjoyable. Soon after the show began it was Alex's normal bedtime, but he didn't want to miss a thing, so he would get comfy and try and watch the show at the same time. This made for interesting sitting position. But anything for my little man. His favorite position, when he wasn't cuddled up with my arm was to "recline" and put his hands behind his head. The watched all the acrobat tricks and was worried for each of the "death defiant" stunt artists. He loved the white bengal tiger act. And when the finally act, the globe of death with its 7 motorcyclist, Alex was awestruck as well as worried.

But all in all he enjoyed every minute of the circus. Though he wouldn't leave my arms even to go get a special toy. Though Daddy finally convinced him too. And he loves that spinning light elephant toy, he sends a special thank you to his great aunt Annette. And he didn't want to leave after the show was over, he was worried he would miss something. Before the show, he was fascinated by the crowds of people there to watch the show. I love seeing the world through a child's eyes.


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