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Baseball and Pork

June 15th and 16th have been days full of fun!

Friday night we went to the Durham Bull's game to celebrate Alex's second birthday. We all had a blast. Alex loved watching the game as well as playing on the playground. Alex also loved bumming food off everyone in the family. Grandma Barbara, Grandpa Jeff, Uncle Derek, Aunt Emma, and Aunt Laurelin were all there.

Saturday we went to Hillsborough's Hog Days. We all enjoyed pork bbq sandwiches as well as all the extra food vendors. Alex enjoyed riding the merry- go- round and the tubs- of - fun. He tried one other ride, but freaked out. An older sibling would have been a help, but soon Alex will be that older sibling. We loved looking at the craft vendors, I tried to figure out how to duplicate them. Alex found a greyhound dog to adopt. But by the time we will be ready to adopt in August, he'll already have a home. So we will just have to find another one.

Now Derek is staying with us! So it is off to have fun, everywhere. At the beach, at the movies, at the mall, parks and museums too.


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