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The Cunning Cookie Bandit

This afternoon I spent a glorious time making cookies with my sons. Soon after the first batch came out, Teagan decided he needed a nap. So after nursing him and switched cookie batches, I took Alex downstairs to do a few things. While I was switching the laundry, the Cookie Bandit began to put his plan to action. Upon arriving upstairs, I discovered a screaming baby. Alex was trying to give him a pacifier. So I grab Teagan and chased Alex out of the bedroom so I could nurse Teagan again (he didn't finish). So after Teagan filled up and burped and placed in his crib so he could cry himself to sleep. I went to go put the last bit of the cookies on the cooling rack, when I saw a small stack of cookies missing and a few items out of place. I go running down stairs to see if I could catch this cookie bandit. He seems to know exactly when I make cookies and does his best to steal several. I found him. He was standing in the family room with a big smile on his face. He didn't steal one, nor two, he stole three!

So now I know, my two year old son Alex is smarter than me, at least when it comes to cookies.


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