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Six months

Teagan's first six months have flown past. He is much more active than Alex ever was, and Alex was very active. Teagan has an "exercise" routine that if he doesn't get, if very grumpy with me. So naturally Teagan burns off a lot of calories. He is a bit over 18lb, a hair short of 29in, and a huge head (17 5/8 inches). The doctor thinks that in a short amount of time he'll be crawling, and we seem to agree. He is already going places, but it is usually backwards from the place he really wants to go. He is a lover of sweet potatoes, he would prefer to eat them all day long, if I let him. He is also a big flirt. We had Stake Conference on Sunday, and he preferred to be looking over my shoulder socializing with the folks behind us. And naturally lots of invitations to take him home.


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