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Happy Birthday

Simple birthdays are the best. Joseph let me sleep in this morning! It is great when he has taken four day weekends. I'm getting too used to this sleeping in thing. Then Joseph made a pancake breakfast for me. When went to a local park, Cook Rd Park, and played there all morning. Then a simple lunch of hot dogs, home made french fires, and home canned peaches and the boys are ready for a nap. I did some sewing while Joseph beat up bad guys on Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Then we goofed around till our dinner reservation at Kurama's Japanese Steak House. Very Yummy. Alex loved it. He enjoyed watching the show just as much as eating the food. He even ate most of his salad too. Alex kept on giving me hugs and kisses, so I know he enjoyed himself. Teagan loved the Onion Soup and mushrooms. And since one little tooth is sticking through, just barely, he was able to take pieces of mushroom too. If only I wasn't full, we would have gone and got some Mexican ice cream at Locopops.

I don't know if it was on purpose, or the lack of brain cells the battery in my phone died early this morning. So it was fun getting 5 messages on my voice mail after dinner. And my siblings calling to wish me a happy birthday.


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