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It snowed today. It started off as a cold rainy day. And then by early afternoon it slowly changed over to a wintery mix and by the time Alex woke up it was almost completely snow! Thankfully the grounds were too warm for it to stick, till about dusk. So tomorrow we will have to be a little cautious due to the low temperatures, but seeing the boys play in the falling snow.

Alex had so much fun. First thing, he looked like a black marshmellow on a tan stick. I promise I didn't put that many layers on him, just his winter coat is nice and thick. And he had a bit of a hard time getting used to the winter boots Aunt Annette got him, but his feet stayed warm. Once all bundled up, we had fun just walking around the yard in the snow. Then he went straight for his baseball bat and ball, and we played some ball. Alex is amazing, for a two and half little boy. He is able to hit the ball about half of the time. He loved it so much he didn't want to come inside to get Teagan all bundled up when he woke up from his nap. Then when I finally dragged him in and unbundled all of us, Joseph arrived home. So then we asked Alex if he wanted to go back outside. Alex's reply "freeze, yea." So we all bundled back up and all went outside to play.

Teagan didn't know what to think of this cold wet stuff. But after a little bit he was having fun too. Pretty nice 8 month old celebration.


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