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Stubborn is a great word to describe Alex, though mule headed would be even better. Alex point blank refused to learn how to ride a two wheel bike for a good long time now. So, I told him that if he wanted another birthday he better learn how to ride it. Still he resisted. But Saturday we had a break through. A few hours of successful bike riding! No big falls! And he did it mostly by himself! Today was round two! He worked on self starting and did it a few times. Though it was quite difficult trying to help him and keep Abby Sue out of the road, thank goodness we live on a very quite road and the driver was paying attention. Though Abby Sue is a very cute little sister cheerleader, crazy curls and all.

My Three Favorite Words

I've three favorite words. And I could only wish I hear them more. My heart just jumps for joy every time I hear "I did it." It means less for me to do and independence for my kids. I only wish Teagan would learn to use them more.

Applesauce snob

I've come to the conclusion, I'm an applesauce snob. I know it is very rude of me, but I can't help it. When we were in Florida, I bought a jar of applesauce at the grocery store for the kids to have applesauce and cottage cheese (Teagan's and Abby Sue's favorite). I took one lick and couldn't eat it. It was so flavorless. All this homemade applesauce is ruining me. I jumped for joy this morning when that jar was FINALLY emptied and I could open up on of my jars. And I didn't wait long to either. I guess next time we take a trip I'll have to bring several jars of different foods with me (cause I'm also a jam/jelly snob too).

Moment of Pride

In Primary, Alex's teacher has been giving them silly bands for good behavior. I've no clue what Alex got yesterday, but it did provide entertainment to many adults behind and around us. Abby Sue liked to hold it in her mouth and shake it. Which is funny, but then you add those curls bouncing everywhere and it is even better.

Though Teagan's was the best. At the beginning of a song, the band goes shooting straight up in the air and lands in the aisle beside us. Teagan was beaming and excitedly announced "I shot the band!" We informed him that wasn't the place for shooting rubber band. And then I spent the rest of the song trying to recover from laughing. I don't know who was watching, but I'm sure they also found it amusing.

Blossoming Humor

Alex's humor has began to blossom. Tonight is proof.

Alex: I'm thirsty
Joseph: Well, we will visit the water fountain when we get to Costco.
Alex: No!
Joseph: Why not?
Alex: Water fountains don't talk.
Joseph: Ok, we will get a drink from the water fountain when we get to Costco.
Alex: Ok.

Needless to say this conversation had Joseph and I laughing the rest of the way to Costco. I'm sure it isn't as good as hearing it in the moment, but still amusing.

Hunting for Alligators

We recently went hunting for alligators. It isn't what you think it is. We really went to Florida to visit some of my Grandparents and while we were there we went hunting for alligators. We had so much fun and lots of relaxing. I mean how could you not relax with high 70 to low 80 temps at the end of December? Especially after all this snow we have been getting. We did lots of simple things like play video games, playing at a park, did a quarter mile boardwalk hike into the Everglades where we saw two alligators, go to the Napels Zoo (yes, they had alligators too), and swim in both a pool and a hot tub. I think the kids preferred the hot tub with all the bubbles and jets to splash. Kids loved having a screened in porch to play on all day long, and proof was their very black feet at the end of each day.

Alligator hunting isn't as fun as butterfly hunting, one alligators don't move very much this time of year. It is also tricky getting close to an alligator and being able to walk way whole. But we had to find alligators for Teagan to believe we were in Florida.

Things I've learned...

1.) I don't think Teagan will ever be better. He has ear infections in both ears, but finally stopped whining. But can't seem to hear anything.

2.) Fuji apples make very yummy applesauce. But you have to be careful or it will be apple soup, since they are so juicy.

3.) Abby Sue loves "Lilo and Stitch." Of course she thinks that Stitch is a blue dog, but I love it when she asks for 'moomie' and I ask which one and she starts barking.

4.) When I stay cold for too long I get cranky.

5.) A working heat pump is a glorious thing, of course that is a good load of $ later.

6.) Don't start a Christmas quilt towards the end of November and hope it will be done by Christmas. I've got the patchworking done, now just to make it a quilt in two days.

7.) Audio books are wonderful! Joseph got me the Chronicles of Narnia for my birthday and I hate not sitting down to quilt now, cause I listen to them then. Of course, that means Joseph has to play the bad cop to get me to go to bed. Cause when I get to tired to quilt I'll just sit in my sewing chair and listen.

8.) North Carolina this year has been super weird weather. Summer wouldn't end and now we have already had three snow days! School was even canceled for one, snow make up day is in April for Alex.

9.) Loves receiving boxes full of Christmas presents. It is like one endless Christmas. First opening lots of boxes to put the presents under the tree. Then you get to open the presents on Christmas Day! I'm horrible. I like looking at the window wondering if the mail man or UPS guy will be making a stop at our house.

10.) I've broken down and decided I need to learn how to make hair bows for Abby Sue. She loves getting her hair done almost every day. Though she does like free hair days too. So if you know of any online tutorials, please send them my way.

11.) Due to Alex's last break, I'm wondering if we will survive this one. Thank goodness we will be migrating south for a good bit of it. Swimming in December is always fun.

12.) I can't count. I tried to order photos for family, but I've discovered I just can't count. So back to the drawing board. I'll have to figure it out one of these days.

13.) I really got to start working on Christmas decorations of our family and STOP giving them all away. ( I know I said this a few years ago, and I did make a really cute snowman cross stitch piece. But my house is looking a good bit bare of Christmas decorations.)

Where did November go?

November seemed to disappear. It didn't help that Teagan has been sick most of the month, and yes he is still very sick. It didn't help that due to sickness, we had to postpone our Thanksgiving feast till tomorrow. It didn't help that I braved the crowds at Toys 'R Us to get Abby Sue and Teagan's big presents then Walmart for Alex's. So Thursday and Friday are blurred together. And I've still not recovered completely from that either. But now comes the rush of the Christmas season! Finishing up presents, cleaning out toys, decorating the house, and baking up mountains of yummy tasting food. Unfortunately, I've three really cute distractions. Right now Abby Sue has discovered the fun of wearing hats. And most of the time she can't see when she puts them on, I guess there is some rule that says that to wear a hat properly you have to have it covering most of your nose.

Fortunately, dishes can wait I've got three fun kids to watch and cuddle.

Busy weekend

We had a busy but fun and productive weekend. Friday night was dinner at cookout! Followed by a run around the parking lot at church, also known as Trunk or Treat. The kids looked great, but I forgot to bring the camera so no pictures. I must admit the kids got a TON of candy. I also decorated our trunk! Yea, it was lame, but three pumpkins is better than nothing as past years.

Saturday we finished putting a new roof on our shed. Great happiness there. Bunnies also got a little hair trim and grooming, their hair was just getting way to long. Kids spent most of the day outside while this was going on. We received a surprise visit from my sister and her hubby. They came down for a weekend trip and Caroline Cane game (hockey for non sports fans). Saturday night we went trick or treating at a near by neighborhood. Kids loved walking from door to door. And Abby Sue loved carrying a piece of candy at all times. Again, I forgot to take pictures.

Sunday I actually got Abby Sue in nursery! Yes, I had to go too and sit on the hard carpet covered cement floor or be crammed into a little chair will lots of other toddlers eating snack, but it is a start. It is hard to believe that there are around 14 in Abby Sue's nursery class. And there are two other nursery classes too! Sunday afternoon my sis and BIL stopped by again. Then after Abby Sue woke up from her nap, we pack dinner, costumes, camera and kids in the van and head to Raleigh to visit family. Unfortunately, Abby Sue refused to wear her costume and Teagan didn't want to wear his. So no pictures again. But we had nice visits with Grandma Eloise, Creech family and Annette. More goodies too.

Poor Joseph has been sick all weekend and was up all night, so Monday he missed out on more fun and excitement. On or about April 7th Abby Sue will be replaced as the baby in the family with this little monkey. Joseph even guessed the gender right, a boy. And a good thing to, Alexander and Teagan both wanted another brother. Will Abby Sue be the only girl? Who knows, but she has the personality to be the only girl among a herd of brother.

Apologizes to every reader

I've been seriously lacking over the last while. Trust me my house shows it, so does the yard, and my camera. I'm determined to get my butt into gear. Alex's three week break is over and my routine can return to normal. I love Alex, but he is a complete disaster when he is home all day. Even when he played outside for almost all day, all by himself. Boy, did he love that.

First things to get my undivided attention is the carpets and kitchen. Thanks to two little boys who didn't listen, I've extremely yucky carpets. That was the one time I hated the cloth diapers. It wasn't as horrible as it could have been, but enough said. I don't want to gross anyone out. Then the rest of the house gets a good cleaning.

After all that I'll sit down and download my photos from my camera. I've got some pretty fun ones of Abby Sue in all her glory. I must admit she is so cute. But I know it is the stage, but she just seems cuter than her brothers ever where. Maybe it is the curls. Whatever it is, she is dearly loved by almost everyone who meets her. They just can't get enough.

Enough chatting back to working.