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Just don't feel like bloggin'

So it isn't that we are totally boring and nothing exciting happens. Quite the opposite with 4 kiddos. It just as I've gotten older, I've gotten wiser. I've finally realized that try as I might, I just can't write. My humor can't seem to translate to writings, so I'm thinking it is more slap stick style. And things that I found well written, not so. So it has left me not wanting to blog, but wishing I could. So maybe I'll try again some time.

Things I've learned...

1.) I don't think Teagan will ever be better. He has ear infections in both ears, but finally stopped whining. But can't seem to hear anything.

2.) Fuji apples make very yummy applesauce. But you have to be careful or it will be apple soup, since they are so juicy.

3.) Abby Sue loves "Lilo and Stitch." Of course she thinks that Stitch is a blue dog, but I love it when she asks for 'moomie' and I ask which one and she starts barking.

4.) When I stay cold for too long I get cranky.

5.) A working heat pump is a glorious thing, of course that is a good load of $ later.

6.) Don't start a Christmas quilt towards the end of November and hope it will be done by Christmas. I've got the patchworking done, now just to make it a quilt in two days.

7.) Audio books are wonderful! Joseph got me the Chronicles of Narnia for my birthday and I hate not sitting down to quilt now, cause I listen to them then. Of course, that means Joseph has to play the bad cop to get me to go to bed. Cause when I get to tired to quilt I'll just sit in my sewing chair and listen.

8.) North Carolina this year has been super weird weather. Summer wouldn't end and now we have already had three snow days! School was even canceled for one, snow make up day is in April for Alex.

9.) Loves receiving boxes full of Christmas presents. It is like one endless Christmas. First opening lots of boxes to put the presents under the tree. Then you get to open the presents on Christmas Day! I'm horrible. I like looking at the window wondering if the mail man or UPS guy will be making a stop at our house.

10.) I've broken down and decided I need to learn how to make hair bows for Abby Sue. She loves getting her hair done almost every day. Though she does like free hair days too. So if you know of any online tutorials, please send them my way.

11.) Due to Alex's last break, I'm wondering if we will survive this one. Thank goodness we will be migrating south for a good bit of it. Swimming in December is always fun.

12.) I can't count. I tried to order photos for family, but I've discovered I just can't count. So back to the drawing board. I'll have to figure it out one of these days.

13.) I really got to start working on Christmas decorations of our family and STOP giving them all away. ( I know I said this a few years ago, and I did make a really cute snowman cross stitch piece. But my house is looking a good bit bare of Christmas decorations.)

Happy Birthday

Simple birthdays are the best. Joseph let me sleep in this morning! It is great when he has taken four day weekends. I'm getting too used to this sleeping in thing. Then Joseph made a pancake breakfast for me. When went to a local park, Cook Rd Park, and played there all morning. Then a simple lunch of hot dogs, home made french fires, and home canned peaches and the boys are ready for a nap. I did some sewing while Joseph beat up bad guys on Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Then we goofed around till our dinner reservation at Kurama's Japanese Steak House. Very Yummy. Alex loved it. He enjoyed watching the show just as much as eating the food. He even ate most of his salad too. Alex kept on giving me hugs and kisses, so I know he enjoyed himself. Teagan loved the Onion Soup and mushrooms. And since one little tooth is sticking through, just barely, he was able to take pieces of mushroom too. If only I wasn't full, we would have gone and got some Mexican ice cream at Locopops.

I don't know if it was on purpose, or the lack of brain cells the battery in my phone died early this morning. So it was fun getting 5 messages on my voice mail after dinner. And my siblings calling to wish me a happy birthday.

Baseball and Pork

June 15th and 16th have been days full of fun!

Friday night we went to the Durham Bull's game to celebrate Alex's second birthday. We all had a blast. Alex loved watching the game as well as playing on the playground. Alex also loved bumming food off everyone in the family. Grandma Barbara, Grandpa Jeff, Uncle Derek, Aunt Emma, and Aunt Laurelin were all there.

Saturday we went to Hillsborough's Hog Days. We all enjoyed pork bbq sandwiches as well as all the extra food vendors. Alex enjoyed riding the merry- go- round and the tubs- of - fun. He tried one other ride, but freaked out. An older sibling would have been a help, but soon Alex will be that older sibling. We loved looking at the craft vendors, I tried to figure out how to duplicate them. Alex found a greyhound dog to adopt. But by the time we will be ready to adopt in August, he'll already have a home. So we will just have to find another one.

Now Derek is staying with us! So it is off to have fun, everywhere. At the beach, at the movies, at the mall, parks and museums too.

3 Years of Bliss

It is hard to believe that is has been three years that we have been married. It seems like much less. It is awesome to look back in amazement at all we have done. Joseph has been in three different companies during that time, and now he has landed in one of the best out there (according to me). We also bought a huge house that needs some work to update it, but still in great shape with great character. We have a beautiful baby boy that is the love of our lives the moment he arrived. I've almost finished my associate degree, I would be done but family comes first. Now I just need to find the perfect school of design to become, drum roll please, an interior designer. Though I'm using my house as a testing ground. And so far it is turning out great.

I can't wait to see what the next 3 and then on to 30 years brings!

Here at Last

After months just kidding of bugging my husband, he has finally added me on to the blog. The internet is such a wonderful device. My own "memoirs" and I don't have to pay to have them published! There is so much to say, but the challenge is to write it all down, or at least the semi- important stuff. My mind races with thoughts on dealing with my sweet three month old son to what to fix for dinner to more intellectual, like discussing movies and literature.