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Moments of Bliss

Alex and Teagan love each other, I know that. But like other siblings, sometimes I wonder. But this morning has been proof of the positive (for the most part, they're still toddlers after all). Alex and Teagan have been chasing each other up and down the hall, taking turns at playing balls and cars and giving each other what has been affectionately called tackle loves (pretty much they wrestle each other at the same time as giving hugs). It has been a blissful morning. Which is great since we are stuck without a car and it going to be near 100 for a week. I'm hoping great playtime will continue and not go sour.

Hi Tech and books

Monday night we all went to a emergency run to Costco, we ran out of dog food and eggs. For Alex, eggs are a must have to survive. So Teagan and I shopped while Joseph and Alex enjoyed the Costco diner. After I finished, Joseph and Teagan went to the cell phone stale to look around. Joseph can't decide which phone to get, and he was hoping to find out some info on theirs. He and Teagan returned with two "new" phones. Alex got a LG flip phone and Teagan got a red blackberry.
Please don't think we are one of those peps who get their kids phones so they can call everyone and their cousin. These are old model phones the salesperson gave Teagan because he is so darn cute. (Don't believe me, just look at him when he smiles and flashes his one dimple at ya and sticks out his tongue).
Last night, I climbed up into the attic to bring down the box of children's books. We just had too many and Alex was ruining the older kids books. It was better than taking Alex to a candy shop. He loved his treasure hunt in the ceiling fan box. And we "unburied" lots of wonderful books. Alex's new favorite book is "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree." But lots of other have also won his heart.


It snowed today. It started off as a cold rainy day. And then by early afternoon it slowly changed over to a wintery mix and by the time Alex woke up it was almost completely snow! Thankfully the grounds were too warm for it to stick, till about dusk. So tomorrow we will have to be a little cautious due to the low temperatures, but seeing the boys play in the falling snow.

Alex had so much fun. First thing, he looked like a black marshmellow on a tan stick. I promise I didn't put that many layers on him, just his winter coat is nice and thick. And he had a bit of a hard time getting used to the winter boots Aunt Annette got him, but his feet stayed warm. Once all bundled up, we had fun just walking around the yard in the snow. Then he went straight for his baseball bat and ball, and we played some ball. Alex is amazing, for a two and half little boy. He is able to hit the ball about half of the time. He loved it so much he didn't want to come inside to get Teagan all bundled up when he woke up from his nap. Then when I finally dragged him in and unbundled all of us, Joseph arrived home. So then we asked Alex if he wanted to go back outside. Alex's reply "freeze, yea." So we all bundled back up and all went outside to play.

Teagan didn't know what to think of this cold wet stuff. But after a little bit he was having fun too. Pretty nice 8 month old celebration.


Teagan had a sampling of yogurt. I think he liked it.
Yea Yogurt!

He attacked the spoon every time. I was worried I would be shoving it down his throat. Then he began singing his "dada" song, a good sign he is happy.

Six months

Teagan's first six months have flown past. He is much more active than Alex ever was, and Alex was very active. Teagan has an "exercise" routine that if he doesn't get, if very grumpy with me. So naturally Teagan burns off a lot of calories. He is a bit over 18lb, a hair short of 29in, and a huge head (17 5/8 inches). The doctor thinks that in a short amount of time he'll be crawling, and we seem to agree. He is already going places, but it is usually backwards from the place he really wants to go. He is a lover of sweet potatoes, he would prefer to eat them all day long, if I let him. He is also a big flirt. We had Stake Conference on Sunday, and he preferred to be looking over my shoulder socializing with the folks behind us. And naturally lots of invitations to take him home.


Since Teagan's birth, many family members have nick- named him Tigger. And he has grown into that nick-name. Our little Teagan LOVES to jump and bounce. He loves it so much, that he can spend hours happily jumping in his deluxe jumper. Jumping simply melts the frowns and cries away.

Teagan has also been adopted by many ladies at our Church. He just has a extremely sweet and cheerful personality that all the women want him. I have to play pass the baby or several women won't talk with me for a week.

I always say Alex converted me to wanting little boys and Teagan's stole my heart.

The Cunning Cookie Bandit

This afternoon I spent a glorious time making cookies with my sons. Soon after the first batch came out, Teagan decided he needed a nap. So after nursing him and switched cookie batches, I took Alex downstairs to do a few things. While I was switching the laundry, the Cookie Bandit began to put his plan to action. Upon arriving upstairs, I discovered a screaming baby. Alex was trying to give him a pacifier. So I grab Teagan and chased Alex out of the bedroom so I could nurse Teagan again (he didn't finish). So after Teagan filled up and burped and placed in his crib so he could cry himself to sleep. I went to go put the last bit of the cookies on the cooling rack, when I saw a small stack of cookies missing and a few items out of place. I go running down stairs to see if I could catch this cookie bandit. He seems to know exactly when I make cookies and does his best to steal several. I found him. He was standing in the family room with a big smile on his face. He didn't steal one, nor two, he stole three!

So now I know, my two year old son Alex is smarter than me, at least when it comes to cookies.

Brotherly Love

I must admit I was a little worried to see how Alex would react to having a younger brother. I am thankful I was worried for no reason. Alex was a little nervous and unsure for the first few moments, and then it was pure love. Alex was giving Teagan hugs and kisses. Then he tried to share his snacks and feed him. Fortunately, the mandarin orange wedge fell off the fork before reaching Teagan.

The first day home, Alex was busy introducing Teagan to his favorite cars. And then started to figure out how to play with Teagan and his little rattles. And then trying to give Teagan all the hugs and kisses he can.

Ultrasound Update

Well, the baby seems to be weighing in at 9lb at 14oz. So they gave us a range of weight anywhere from 8.5lb to up to 10.5lb. He has a large head and very long and flexible. His feet where right next to his hands and very close to his head. Poor baby, running out of room. But it is probably harder when I'm lying on my back for the ultrasound, gravity pushing down on him.

My family will be highly disappointed that they didn't induce today. Since most of the family will be in town for a family reunion on Sunday. Oh well, life is full of disappointments. Mom is still praying for a miracle and he'll be born today so she can visit us in the hospital tomorrow. I guess the baby just wants them to make a special trip for him just like his big brother.

The circus!

My sweet aunt Annette bought us tickets to opening night of the circus as a early Valentine's Day present. I knew Alex would enjoy it, and I was right. He didn't enjoy the clowns so much, but many of their other acts had Alex's undivided attention. I think it helped we had pretty great seats, especially for the deal she got them at her work for. It also helped that they had a "big screen" and several camera men to help you catch all the action. Alex caught onto that fast and when he couldn't see what was going on the floor looked at the big screen. Alex loved the domestic animal trainer. Her opening act included cats and birds. And since Alex loves birds he was intent on not missing a thing. Her second act included dogs, and Alex enjoyed it. Alex loved the big number with the elephants to close up the first half of the show. He was clapping and boogying in my lap to the beat. It was hard to keep a hold of him. The clowns had a funny food fight act that was enjoyable. Soon after the show began it was Alex's normal bedtime, but he didn't want to miss a thing, so he would get comfy and try and watch the show at the same time. This made for interesting sitting position. But anything for my little man. His favorite position, when he wasn't cuddled up with my arm was to "recline" and put his hands behind his head. The watched all the acrobat tricks and was worried for each of the "death defiant" stunt artists. He loved the white bengal tiger act. And when the finally act, the globe of death with its 7 motorcyclist, Alex was awestruck as well as worried.

But all in all he enjoyed every minute of the circus. Though he wouldn't leave my arms even to go get a special toy. Though Daddy finally convinced him too. And he loves that spinning light elephant toy, he sends a special thank you to his great aunt Annette. And he didn't want to leave after the show was over, he was worried he would miss something. Before the show, he was fascinated by the crowds of people there to watch the show. I love seeing the world through a child's eyes.