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Jelly Rolls, Layered Cakes, Turnovers

So I've recently jumped into quilting, and still trying to stay afloat. Awesome patterns are EVERYWHERE. Then come the challenge, finding those perfect fabrics. Sometimes I'm completely lucky. A friend introduced me to and there I found Popp'n Posies. Yes, Abby Sue will have a quilt for a big girl bed before she is out of a crib. The best thing, they have a fabric kit. True it doesn't come with everything I need, it comes with enough (and it was on sale right now too!) to get started. I found another pattern that is jelly charm friendly. For you, and for me I went ?. Apparently quilters not only have a love affair with fabric, but for sweets too. Jelly Rolls refer to lengths of fabric cut into 2.5 inch strips (all off one collection). Turnovers look just like turnovers, triangles. Honey buns are 1.5inch strips. Desert rolls are 5 inch strips. Then you have your charm and your flat quarter packs.

Boy, this gets confusing and hungry. So I munch on a cookie or two and try to search for something that is impossible to find, boy friendly fabric. And rejoice when I think I found two Jelly rolls to decide from, but atlas no matching charm pack. And it is hard to tell online if things match or even close enough.

So I'm no closer to finding my fabric and still want more cookies!

Latest Projects

Memo to self: I must remember to take photos are all those handmade presents. But here are a few of the rest things.

A baby present for a good friend who is due with a girl in about a month.

Teagan's turtle blanket, he is still learning to love it.

Abby Sue has a lady bug

Alex's dinosaur, and Teagan wants a green one

Mass Production

I've been busying working on mass production items: birth announcements and thank you cards. And they are FINISHED (minus 3 more thank you card I need to make)! I hope Abby Sue appreciates all I do for her. The birth announcements were very time consuming. I stamped, water color painted the two flowers and then hand cut one of the two. I was luck there was a punch that fit the other. I did enjoy making the first 12, but after 35 I don't want to make another. So it took me a while to work up the gumption to make 15 out of the 19 thank you cards (one for her scrapbook). Maybe that is why the thank you cards are so simple, but simple is very pretty too.

What I go through to teach my kids good manners.


No, this time it wasn't the boys. It was me.

I have collect quite a few craft magazines, mostly cross stitching. But recently Joseph FINALLY talked me into downsizing my stack. I find this hard to do. What happens if one of the patterns I threw away I'll need? Then I got practical in my thinking. No more ads and the stuff I don't like. So I've done most of my cross stitching magazines (I get three different ones and they pile up fast) and then last night I went through my scrapbooking ones. I've been though these dog earring the pages I liked or stuff or techniques, but last night I had to think more. What do I like about this what don't I, would I use this as a scrap-lifting page? But I'm pleased to announce the magazines have been downsized, minus the ones in the living room. Now I want to take notes on what I like about each page and file it in a three ring binder with page covers. (I love those plastic page cover. They are wonderful for cross stitching, keeps them clean, dry, and I can mark on them with a dry erase marker and wipe off when the chart is done.) Now the question is how intently do I want to organize them? I better decide fast I need to work on my cross stitching magazines asap, they are piling up again! And before Alex and Teagan can ruin the magazines (Teagan loves looking through my magazines).

Penny a Print

For all those Scrapbooker: Clark Color is running a AWESOME special. one 4x6 print for a penny. You can order up to 50 prints per order. BUT you can reuse the coupon, over and over again. You'll end up pay about 2.95 for shipping. I love their quality, I've only had one print that came back fuzzy, and they immediately reprinted and mailed it to me. I think with first time users you'll get some free prints too.

Pink Dog

One of my friends have been gently poking me to add my finished craftiness to the blog. So I gave in tonight. This is my latest project, a pink dog. It is for a sweet little baby girl in my ward, Caroline.

Magic Ring

I've been loving making these amigurumis. Today I discovered the magic of the magic ring. Before I would either make the beginning ring as small as possible and force all the begining stitches in it or a little too big. Neither worked very well, all the creaters had a bald spots (aka holes where I would start each body part). Today I started working on a monkey for Alex and was told to google crochet magic ring. I did. I found a wonderful website,, that explained everything very simply and had pictures. And now I'm happy to say that my monkey will have no holes. And that my future creaters won't too. Alex is very excited about his future monkey. Got to get crocheting.

Great History

I must admit, I love history. Always been a big fan. I've also enjoyed the story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. So as I browsed the local news web page, this story caught my eye. I think it is so cool to have such a gem of history pop up and in such good condition. Just another reason why I value scrapbooking!

Crocheting a Sweater

Life did get more exciting once we adopted Gus. Of one thing, since he is a greyhound, he needs a coat or sweater. So being the handy crafter (and deciding 30-50 buck for a doggy coat was too much), I decided to crochet Gus a sweater. I found a quick and easy pattern on (a wonderful website, they have so many awesome things!). I quickly ran off the the craft store to pick up 2 more skeins of yarn to begin. I was so excited, when I put the project down Saturday night, a few more nights and I'll be done! On Sunday, Joseph had to head to church early due to Ward Council, I should be there too, but it is hard to get Alex and Teagan out of bed and functioning that early. So I was in the bathroom getting ready for church while Alex watched "Lord of the Bean" and Gus whined outside my door. And then the whining stopped, I thought he plopped down outside the door. Little did I know, he was downstair "killing" my crochet sweater. I was crushed. Joseph and I spent that afternoon searching for the hook. We still can't find it. So I broke down and bought a replacement hook. I'm determined to finish this project before winter is over. I better hurry, spring comes early here in NC.