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Sweet Thought...

Alex said the sweetest thing to me tonight and I just have to share. Alex has noticed that I've been more tired that usual lately. It really shows at breakfast when I get everything mixed up. Alex informed me tonight that they will be quiet in the morning to let me sleep in. And they wouldn't bug me for breakfast. How sweet. I wish I could take them up on this offer, but with the list of things to do tomorrow there is no way. Joseph has a basketball game at 9am, and then we have to get the garden in order and planted.


Stubborn is a great word to describe Alex, though mule headed would be even better. Alex point blank refused to learn how to ride a two wheel bike for a good long time now. So, I told him that if he wanted another birthday he better learn how to ride it. Still he resisted. But Saturday we had a break through. A few hours of successful bike riding! No big falls! And he did it mostly by himself! Today was round two! He worked on self starting and did it a few times. Though it was quite difficult trying to help him and keep Abby Sue out of the road, thank goodness we live on a very quite road and the driver was paying attention. Though Abby Sue is a very cute little sister cheerleader, crazy curls and all.

Blossoming Humor

Alex's humor has began to blossom. Tonight is proof.

Alex: I'm thirsty
Joseph: Well, we will visit the water fountain when we get to Costco.
Alex: No!
Joseph: Why not?
Alex: Water fountains don't talk.
Joseph: Ok, we will get a drink from the water fountain when we get to Costco.
Alex: Ok.

Needless to say this conversation had Joseph and I laughing the rest of the way to Costco. I'm sure it isn't as good as hearing it in the moment, but still amusing.

We survived

We survived Alex's first week of school. There were no tears, at least from me. Today Joseph had a super busy schedule, so he asked me to pick up Alex from school. So I pack up Teagan and Abby Sue and head over. I'm super excited my first time picking him up. He walks out the door and starts to cry when he see us. He LOVES having Dad picking him up and biking to and from school. Poor Baby, but he survived.


Alex, or should I say Alexander (he decided he needed to be called Alexander on his fifth birthday), loves kindergarden. He loves the bike rides with Joseph to and from school everyday. And he loves the five minutes of hugs and kisses he gets from me when he gets home. And is so tired by 7pm. It is near wonderful. Though I miss him so much, I'm enjoying a completely kid free nap time. Yesterday I did all my chores and then still had an hour completely to my self. Today I got almost all of nap time! I'm not going to know what to do with myself. Joseph says I should reads some, but I'm pretty tired of Curious George and all those. I also feel no guilt in just staying home in just cleaning and playing. This afternoon was heaven. Me and three kids on our bed watching a movie and cuddling and wrestling. Teagan and I worked on teaching Abby Sue 'up.' Life is truly wonderful.

Bunk Beds

I have this crazy notion. I think Alex might like his bunk bed. And it is possible that Teagan might like the bunk beds too. But you can be the judge.

Another Stage

is what I'm trying to remind myself. Alex hit the whine tattling stage, and it came on fast and hard. Today during bath "Teagan just touched me," "Teagan moved closer to me," and my personal favorite "Teagan just hit me with water." Teagan was dumping water out of a cup and Alex got a few drops on him. I did have fun overdoing it too. Abby Sue thought it was funny. She was laughing the whole time. But she loves my play voices, she skips most of "Bear Snore On" just to get to the part where the bear wakes up. And she loves "The Monster at the End of the Book." Just another stage.


So I don't mind the fact that Alex doesn't take naps anymore. I just wish he would learn that quiet time is leave Momma ALONE time. I need some time to regroup, like all Moms out there. I have tried everything. During his quiet time it is alway up and down, then an hour of peace with his tv shows. That hour goes way to fast. Right now, Abby Sue is crying for me to get her out of bed. But I always hate the end of nap time (tear). Time for round two. DING!

Alex's view on babies

Alex has been cracking me up lately with all his antics. Yesterday in the car, I was reaching over him to put Abby Sue in her seat. He reached up and went, "there's milk in here. it's heavy." Yes, he was bouncing my breast as he said it. So I informed him he was right that there was milk in there and it is heavy, but he is not allowed to touch. It is hard to be serious when all you want to do it laugh.

Today while I was getting dressed, Alex asked me why I had lots of loose hanging skin (not in those exact words). I tried to explain that I grow big babies and they need lots of room while they are in the tummy. And then it just hangs around till the next one. (I don't think he totally got it.) Though I won't mind it going away.

Then he told me all the babies in my tummy have run away. Then I ask him how do we get more. He was puzzled, so he told me he needs another sister so she can be his girlfriend. (Early signs of typical male behavior, when in doubt change the subject or ignore the question.) I then told him that if we have another sister she will be too young for him to play with (he wants a sister to come out his age). He was a bit sad about not being able to order a playmate his age.

He has also told me that he need another brother and sister. Though he can't make up his mind which he wants first.

Just for the record, no we are not expecting. A friend just had a baby girl at the beginning of the month and that brought forth all the baby questions.

What's for dinner. . . Fried Alex

4/5th of the house was kept away for 4+ hours last night. Alex was too busy screaming to tell us why. Yep, 4+ hours all Alex did was cry and scream. We asked and asked, and tried to comfort him. But he was determined to ruin a nights rest for Joseph, Teagan and me. So I warned him, the very first fit he threw , he would be going to bed with a spanking. It didn't take very long, he says he doesn't like the Panda Puff cereal. Then the fit began, I was too cranky, grumpy and tired to care. Threw him in bed, 10 minutes later he was OUT! I finally was able to wake him up before noon.

So, who want's to join us for fried Alex for dinner tonight?