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Moment of Pride

In Primary, Alex's teacher has been giving them silly bands for good behavior. I've no clue what Alex got yesterday, but it did provide entertainment to many adults behind and around us. Abby Sue liked to hold it in her mouth and shake it. Which is funny, but then you add those curls bouncing everywhere and it is even better.

Though Teagan's was the best. At the beginning of a song, the band goes shooting straight up in the air and lands in the aisle beside us. Teagan was beaming and excitedly announced "I shot the band!" We informed him that wasn't the place for shooting rubber band. And then I spent the rest of the song trying to recover from laughing. I don't know who was watching, but I'm sure they also found it amusing.

Used to love Naptime

I used to love naptime. Children sleeping, quiet house. But now it is a battle with Teagan. Every since Teagan was potty trained all I hear is "I need to go potty" every 5 to 10 minutes. Seriously? I don't know anyone who has to pee that often. Ok, during allergy season and pregnant I have to pee that much, but that is more to prevent those sneeze pee in my pants. Hopefully he will grow out of this soon and fast.

Teagan at preschool

Teagan's first day at preschool was today. He seemed to love it. As we walked in he kept showing off his backpack (which makes me feel great since I made it). He put up his backpack, pottyed and washed his hands. Then into the classroom he went. No issues, sat down to play with some play dough. Off I went to start a babysitting job. The best part was picking Teagan up. After picking up his backpack and return his name tag, we headed off to the car. And Teagan started telling me all about his day. This was a total shock for me. When Alex started preschool it took months of questioning him to get even the simplest response. But then when Daddy wanted to hear about his day, he was all talked out. And fortunately he took a nice long nap, though I don't think it was exactly long enough. But a great start to his first day.

Potty Success

I'm so excited to announce Teagan is potty trained. Today he had no accidents! It feels so great to have only one in diapers.

Oh the fun

Teagan has recently given up naps. Oh big cry from Momma. But that means more problems for me. Like grumpy, whining hour. Usually happens an hour or so before dinner. Make cooking dinner a breeze, a breeze of hot air. But fortunately it passes. And bedtimes are good again.

Where's my button

Teagan LOVES pushing Joseph's buttons (moles on his face) different noises and or actions follow. Today, Teagan followed me in as I changed Abby Sue's Diaper before morning nap. She didn't like that idea. I warned her that Teagan would find her buttons and push them. Sure enough his finger came up and they started playing. As I prepared her for nap, I tried unsuccessfully to chase and ask him out. He kept coming in saying he lost his buttons. I kept telling him to go find them. But it didn't work too well. He would leave and a few moments later came back in he couldn't find them. This went on, till I put Abby Sue in bed and closed the door. I lifted up his shirt and poked his belly button, "there it is." Now he is happy he found his button.

Scream Fest 2009

No, I'm not having a scream fest. It is coming from my 2 year old monster. Unfortunately these are the happy playful screams. These are the misery causing never ending type. Caused by nothing and cured by nothing. I've had to endure it all day. Screaming to the preschool, screaming home. Nothing but screams! Joseph even came up from the dungeon twice. I guess he thought I was torturing Teagan. Sorry to disappoint. Three hours to bedtime, and I pray that I make it. Joseph, I hope you enjoy your business meeting tonight, I'm sure it will be nice a quiet. Just don't count on having any brownies, I plan on hitting them hard tonight.

Liar Liar pants of fire

Teagan is always making a liar out of us. Till this year he wouldn't eat bread, now he loves it. Till to days ago the only fruit he would eat was bananas, cantaloupe and processed fruits. Two days ago he started eating lots other fruits. And he was begging for green beans tonight at dinner. And stealing blueberries off our plates when we blinked. Thanks for making me a liar Teagan, I don't mind it one bit.


Teagan and I were playing with Abby Sue, and I went to playing with Teagan. "I busy." And he kept repeating till I let him get back to playing with Abby Sue. Too cute.

Jump for JOY!

Teagan had his check up today ( I suck at remembering to schedule these once a year things). And we have very exciting news. Teagan had a massive weight gain! Our feather weight now weights in at 26lbs! In the past two months Teagan has discovered that he not only likes but loves bread. Before this he wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Then he has discovered peanut butter sandwiches, another super huge hit. So we are finally getting weight to stick to our bean pole. Though I still don't know where he stores this fat, he has a 20ish inched chested and a 20ish inched waist. (been working on sewing pjs for him that is how I know.) So keep this weight gain streak up Teagan, maybe you'll get back into the 50%.