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The victorious feeling

So I've told you recently I've changed my daily routine. And it has been extremely successful. Take last week, on top of my normal cleaning schedule I loaded more. I took down all of Christmas (I'm so sad and happy at the same time), put the house back in order (move the train table into the living room and out of Abby Sue's room) and cleaned all the upstair carpets! The frosting to this cake, it was done by Thursday afternoon. Which meant Lazy Friday! I finally put real clothes on at like 4pm.

Everyday by 3pm I have this enormous victorious feeling. I've accomplished much, and I like it.

A Shocking Experience

I took the opportunity to do some major spring cleaning. I've cleaned around 2,000 (give or take) square feet of carpet. It feels great to see such clean carpets and the house smells so much fresher. I will be excited when we can get hardwood floors, but until then I'll get the work out of the week prepping, vacuuming and cleaning carpets. The office had to be cleaned 3 times! It is great to see these stains disappear. I just wish I didn't electrocute myself at the end. I'm still tingling.


I hate carpets, especially the ones in my house. The upstairs are a rosey color (I'm not a girly girl, I hate pink and most related colors). And they are everywhere. It doesn't make much sense to carpet a dinning room, but we have a carpeted dinning room. With two boys and a dog, the carpets are gross. I kept borrowing my Mom's carpet cleaner, but they live almost 5 hours away and we don't get to see them as often as I need to keep my carpets clean. It seems to be ever 6+ months, and I want to clean some every month. So I finally found a good deal on a carpet cleaner and bought one. Joseph was very sweet and assembled it for me last night, and I started cleaning. Two rooms done! and only eight more to go. Maybe I'll talk Joseph into taking the kids out on Memorial Day so I can clean more carpets... It is something to think about. Joseph also can tell a huge difference in the carpets. And hopefully next year we can put hardwoods in. So much to change and never enough time...

Cleaning Jokes

Today as I watched Teagan play on the floor, I realized it was time to vacuum. So as I cleaned, a few funny Mommy cleaning jokes popped into my head and thought I'd might share them.

You know when it is time to vacuum, the kids are having more fun playing with the crumbs then their toys.

It's time to dust when everything starts to get blurry and out of focus.

I would clean the fingerprints off the window, but they work better than a sheer curtain. They let light in and difficult to see through, plus they are free!

It's time to de-clutter when you don't know what everything is piled up on and think that the last bill to pay is on bottom.

It's time to scrub the bathtub when you're ring has the same colors as the bath markers you use during bathtime and the clean water does too.

I promise my house isn't this bad, but tried to think of something amusing as I cleaned. It always make cleaner more fun and faster.