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So the biggest change with having four, it that life never ends. Though that could be due to always having to either take kids to school or pick them up, so every three hours (or at least it feels like that) I'm back in the van picking up a kid. The house is always in a state of chaos, and there are random wet spots on the carpet. Callan is STILL a big spit- upper and he leaves his mark everywhere, I smell like yo baby yogurt right now. And I must admit banana yogurt doesn't make a very nice perfume.

Joseph is still super busy with work, so busy I don't know how he can survive on average 4 hours a sleep a day, and that is if he is lucky. I'm kept busy with the kids and my huge list of crafts to do before Christmas, hopefully everyone's present will be on time. Alex is doing very well in school, though his fine motor skills are challenging and frustrating him. Hopefully we will be able to get him some help from Occupational Therapy. Teagan has overdosed on button pushing pills and annoyance pills, so there are days that I'm ready to leave him somewhere. I think it is cause he is so darn cute, he thinks he can get away with it. And he usually sneaks by, and I've not left him anywhere, preschool doesn't count. Teagan is slowly learning how to read, he just can't sit still very long.

Abby Sue loves to sing and "dance." Though her dancing is more running or walking in circles. She has turned into an assistant chef, and I have to be extra careful about knives and even spoons. If she sees a spoon near by she will try and stir whatever it is I'm cooking. She is also too "loving" to Callan. Though I'm sure Callan thinks she is annoying not loving. Callan crawls everywhere! He does have a "croc" type of crawl, his arms are out and squared instead of under and straight. Fortunately, it slows him down. He is presently crawls over small things and climbs up things. He uses the climbing up things to sit, he is still figuring all the different ways to get into a sitting position. It is hard for him with a sister smothering him with "love" all the time.

We are very excited about this time a year. October was full of fun adventures! My sister and her hubby were able to visit with us for a week! We had loads of fun at the State Fair with aunt and great aunt too! And Abby Sue would NOT be left out of any ride, no matter what. And she loved them all, except the bumper cars which I'm sure she'll love next year when she is a bit bigger. And then Halloween and costumes and candy! November will be busy with helping Great Grandma settling into this chapter of her life, a few birthdays and an anniversary (9 years) and the biggest cooking holiday! So it might be a while before I'm back to report about life and load a few pictures too.

Labor Day

For Labor Day we went to the lake and went fishing and swimming, or at least that was the goal. While Joseph and the threesome did these things, Callan and I wrestled trying to get him to take his naps. Those four did have a lot of exhausting fun, and fortunately it wasn't super hot so I survived holding Callan the whole time. Here is our catch for the day. She even took it off the hook by herself.

Hunting for Alligators

We recently went hunting for alligators. It isn't what you think it is. We really went to Florida to visit some of my Grandparents and while we were there we went hunting for alligators. We had so much fun and lots of relaxing. I mean how could you not relax with high 70 to low 80 temps at the end of December? Especially after all this snow we have been getting. We did lots of simple things like play video games, playing at a park, did a quarter mile boardwalk hike into the Everglades where we saw two alligators, go to the Napels Zoo (yes, they had alligators too), and swim in both a pool and a hot tub. I think the kids preferred the hot tub with all the bubbles and jets to splash. Kids loved having a screened in porch to play on all day long, and proof was their very black feet at the end of each day.

Alligator hunting isn't as fun as butterfly hunting, one alligators don't move very much this time of year. It is also tricky getting close to an alligator and being able to walk way whole. But we had to find alligators for Teagan to believe we were in Florida.

Where did November go?

November seemed to disappear. It didn't help that Teagan has been sick most of the month, and yes he is still very sick. It didn't help that due to sickness, we had to postpone our Thanksgiving feast till tomorrow. It didn't help that I braved the crowds at Toys 'R Us to get Abby Sue and Teagan's big presents then Walmart for Alex's. So Thursday and Friday are blurred together. And I've still not recovered completely from that either. But now comes the rush of the Christmas season! Finishing up presents, cleaning out toys, decorating the house, and baking up mountains of yummy tasting food. Unfortunately, I've three really cute distractions. Right now Abby Sue has discovered the fun of wearing hats. And most of the time she can't see when she puts them on, I guess there is some rule that says that to wear a hat properly you have to have it covering most of your nose.

Fortunately, dishes can wait I've got three fun kids to watch and cuddle.

Busy weekend

We had a busy but fun and productive weekend. Friday night was dinner at cookout! Followed by a run around the parking lot at church, also known as Trunk or Treat. The kids looked great, but I forgot to bring the camera so no pictures. I must admit the kids got a TON of candy. I also decorated our trunk! Yea, it was lame, but three pumpkins is better than nothing as past years.

Saturday we finished putting a new roof on our shed. Great happiness there. Bunnies also got a little hair trim and grooming, their hair was just getting way to long. Kids spent most of the day outside while this was going on. We received a surprise visit from my sister and her hubby. They came down for a weekend trip and Caroline Cane game (hockey for non sports fans). Saturday night we went trick or treating at a near by neighborhood. Kids loved walking from door to door. And Abby Sue loved carrying a piece of candy at all times. Again, I forgot to take pictures.

Sunday I actually got Abby Sue in nursery! Yes, I had to go too and sit on the hard carpet covered cement floor or be crammed into a little chair will lots of other toddlers eating snack, but it is a start. It is hard to believe that there are around 14 in Abby Sue's nursery class. And there are two other nursery classes too! Sunday afternoon my sis and BIL stopped by again. Then after Abby Sue woke up from her nap, we pack dinner, costumes, camera and kids in the van and head to Raleigh to visit family. Unfortunately, Abby Sue refused to wear her costume and Teagan didn't want to wear his. So no pictures again. But we had nice visits with Grandma Eloise, Creech family and Annette. More goodies too.

Poor Joseph has been sick all weekend and was up all night, so Monday he missed out on more fun and excitement. On or about April 7th Abby Sue will be replaced as the baby in the family with this little monkey. Joseph even guessed the gender right, a boy. And a good thing to, Alexander and Teagan both wanted another brother. Will Abby Sue be the only girl? Who knows, but she has the personality to be the only girl among a herd of brother.

Day at the Beach

We took a daycation to the beach. It was wonderful and fun. We stopped in Wilmington at a super huge park for lunch and let the kids run and play for a few minutes on the playground. Then we went to Pleasure Island and to Kure Beach. It was a full day at the beach, but still quite doable. Alex loves the ocean, and as soon as he had sunscreen on he jumped in. Yep, the sunscreen washed off and he burnt, but he had a blast getting beat up by the waves. Teagan is still unsure about the ocean, so choose to stay near the umbrellas and play in the sand. Abby Sue wasn't sure for the first 45ish minutes. But before I knew it she was grabbing me and we were playing in the waves. The waves were really strong and she would often get swept off her feet and dunked. But she loved every minute. She would fuss at me when I picked her up to make sure she was okay. Time went by too soon and we had to head back home. So roughly desanded we pile into the car. And he back home, picking up dinner at Cook Out. Surprisingly Abby Sue stayed away almost the whole time. I wasn't too happy about that, but Teagan has a way of waking her up. How I love the beach. And yes, I'm trying to convenience Joseph to move me closer there too.

Up Again!

Yea, our web blog is up again. There has been so much to share, I don't know where to start. Our three weeks in Utah were great. Lots of fun with family, lots of camping and lots of sight seeing. Bryce, Grand Canyon and Zions were amazing to see. Alex and Teagan still ask to see all their aunts and uncles. We were also stricken with a bunny bug. So in a few hours we will be leaving for a farm to pick up an angora bunny of our own. Though I'm hoping for two.

Alex had a great birthday party. Lots of friends in a swimming pool, what could be better? I handled the grill while everyone hit the water. It was a good thing too. Temperatures were very high 98ish.

Then on Monday I stumbled upon a great deal, 100lbs of peaches for free. Yes, I admit we didn't need all 100lbs of peaches as jam. But now I've got a two year supply. Ok, so it is probably more like a year and a half but a that is good too. I was up till 4am! But all 64 quarts and one pint were done. Then Tuesday morning when I pried myself off the bed we went swimming with our playgroup. Followed by a relaxing afternoon and dinner at Moes. Ice cream and cake and then canned 16 quarts of tomatoes.

3rd of July has been equally fun. Breakfast and a bike parade at the church. I discovered a super yummy muffin recipe! And then we went to a park while Alex and Joseph played ultimate frisbee Teagan and Abby Sue played on the playground. Now we wait and rest. Alex and Joseph are having fun playing super mario brothers while Abby Sue sleeps.

More adventures await.

Another married Jackson!

My sister got married this past weekend. Which was wonderful to see most of the family. My favorite part was seeing my kids interacting with my Grandpa Bill and Grandma Claudia, whom they hardly never see. Abby Sue took to Grandpa Bill, sitting on his lap and reading book with him. She loved his cane and all the fun things you can do with it. I also finished up the quilt I've been working on for the past few months, it was their wedding present.

Unfortunately it was also one of the most stressful trips. To start things off, ends up I left lots of things at home. The most important thing was our wedding things, suits, shirts and and dresses. I remembered the shoes, socks, stockings, hair bows and ties. I know very odd. Also Teagan got pretty sick. He threw up on the way up. My poor baby, just coughed way too much. So Thursday night I cuddled and cared for Teagan all night. Fortunately, Joseph took Teagan to an urgent care. Bronchitis ain't fun. But we got Teagan all doped up and he is feeling better. I must admit it was wonderful holding Teagan and watching him sleep.

We also had fun exploring another town. We found a few wonderful restaurants and rode a trolley.

Hello World . . . we are still here

No, I've not forgot to blog. But I just didn't know what to blog about. So here is our lives the past few weeks, in a nutshell of course.

1. Joseph's PyCon: He grew a shaggy beard and wrecked the red car. Gave a last minute notice class. And seemed to miss us too. But we all survived and was super excited to have him home again. The kids even made him a welcome home sign.

2. Sickness is thriving here. Abby Sue and I don't sound to pretty, and her nose runs like crazy. Teagan had a 'broken ear,' but that is all healed. Now to just get us girls all better.

3. We have given up with modern day 'soap.' In fact if anyone is interested I've lots of Lever 2000. But don't worry, we are stinky. We started using all natural soaps. See, the boys have skin problems and modern day soap only makes it worse. So by switching they are getting better. I'm enjoying it too. I don't need very much lotion any more. And we get to pick fun different smells. Right now we are using rosewood and Florida Sunshine. Rosewood is very nice, but very strong if you have lots of bars together. Florida is very citrus and is great to awaken your senses.

4. Joseph turned 33 on 3/3. Made a big day of it, though his present hadn't yet arrived. For dinner we went to Thai Cafe. Joseph got green curry, which was suppose to be Thai hot but it wasn't. Instead Teagan was slurping it down.

5. Abby Sue is ONE! It was a good day. Abby Sue of course had to fight to keep her new toys, they were so cool her big bros love playing with them. Though Joseph tried to repair our leaking sink, but we had fun at Lowes picking out flowers and planting them. For dinner we went to Kurama's Japanese Steak house. Very yummy. All the kids love it there. We did make one discovery, Alex LOVES shrimp. Which is good.

6. Joseph is discovering the old way to shave. He has never enjoyed shaving, and his whiskers grow pretty slow too. So he would try different disposables and electric. So for his birthday present he got a double edge safety razor, badger hair shaving brush, shaving soap and stand. So far so good, though it takes a bit to get used to.

7. Alex got into a year round elementary school! So Friday the boys and I drove everywhere getting the stuff needed to register him. And then we registered him. He is super excited about starting "kindergarden school."

8. Teagan has discovered the fun of climbing chairs and kids tables which has now expanded to playground equipment. Friday we went to the park, and I couldn't find him. He climbed to the very top! No wonder, he usually stays on the ground. So after I took his picture I helped him down. Only to lose him again. Yep he was at the top again. I'm so happy. Now he'll have more fun at the park.

9. Summer vacation plans are underway. Tickets to Utah were very cheap. So we are going out there to hit several natural places and spend time with family. It has been very hard not knowing many of the Tate side. Hopefully we will be able to spend time together and help Alex, Teagan and Abby Sue get to know more family. We'll have lots of time, about a month. I'm sure they'll be excited once we leave.

10. Today at church, a friend was giving out candy. Teagan choose a fireball. So I reluctantly gave it too him in the car. Thinking he would spit it out, I thought I was ready. Well, as many parents know plans don't work. Teagan said 'spicy' and then proceeded to swallow it. Of course it got stuck and he was choking. Joseph and the missionaries were laughing until I went he's choking. I was getting ready to do whatever I needed to when Teagan got it up and out. Thankfully Joseph finally pulled over the car and processed in most male manner, what am I suppose to do? So after Teagan purged himself and we were cleaned up as best as could be, we were on way home. Next time Joseph gets to sit next to the kid with the fireball, but that is what I always say and I'm the one that is always stuck in that position.

I think that is all in a nutshell.