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Snow Days

Saturday was a snow day. Everyone had a blast shoveling and sledding. Even Abby Sue had a blast sledding and watching her brothers and dad sled.


The first Tate Family Fun Days was this Saturday, and it was a hit! Kids were happy all the way to Charlotte (2.5 hour drive). And loved being at Ikea, at least for the first 2 hours. They were done and let me know for the last two (no it wasn't my fault. You shop with Joseph, and you'll understand). We ate lunch at their cafeteria (this was in the middle of those 4+hours we spent there). And finally left at like 3:30pm.

Then we traveled into Charlotte to the Trolley Museum, which unfortunately was closed. BUT we did ride the trolley. The kids loved it. We were lucky to bump into some locals, with two boys and a girl too, though a bit older than ours. They were able to tell us of a few cool places. So we got off the trolley at the Children's Library. This place is the coolest kids library I've ever seen. They have play areas, computers with learning video games, a movie corner that was playing "Cinderella" and a third floor that had nothing but computers and video games (that was over run by teens). They have a theater were they produce some plays. And a very special rule, all persons over 19 had to be accompanied by an adult. Outside the library was some stone pencils, typewriter buttons and rubber stamps, jumbo sized for playing on.

Across the track from the library was a building. This building has glass panels you can touch to turn on lights and make some chiming noises. Alex and Teagan had a blast running down the building pressing all the panels.

By this time it was 5pm, so we headed back to the car. We caught the light rails, trolley was about a 30 minutes more wait (trolley and light rails run on the same tracks). Got back to the van and after a few diaper changes and a dash to find a potty for Alex we were ready to head out. A few minutes down the road we were listening to snores from the two youngest! Dinner was a quick drive through at Cook Out, yummy burgers. And Alex promptly dropped the regular sized pink lemonade on the floor board. We got home a few minutes before 8! Kids were lovingly thrown in bed, and then Joseph and I braved the below freezing temps to clean out the van. We emptied the van and then vacuumed the dry area and pulled out the steam cleaner. I felt bad for our neighbors who had to hear this at 8:30pm, but it was an emergency.
By 9 we were done and had the seat back in the van and car seats buckled.

Joseph finished the day off by assembling his new tv stand, while I finished putting things away and began working on our Christmas thank you cards.

A great first Family Fun Day, can't wait till next month.

New Year Plans

Like everyone, we sat down as a family and made several goals. We each have two individual ones (except me, I'm still figuring them out). But we also came up with some family goals. One of which is better plan Saturdays. In doing that we will be taking making family fun weekends at least once a month. Some will be day-cations, others will be overnighter trips. But fun is a must. This way we can enjoy the beauty of the state and have a good time doing it. I'm so excited.

Alex's new problem

Alex is sitting on the floor trying to assemble his train tracks. Abby Sue isn't helping, she wants to take it apart. "Mom Abby Sue is crawling," Alex whines. He is right, she had to crawl (army crawl- inch worm) across the floor. Joseph and I could just laugh.

O Christmas Tree

In our endeavors to keep as much money as possible in our pockets, Joseph and I get our live Christmas tree the week of Christmas. And though it make things a bit more chaotic in trying to get it decorated and our living room livable, we get some awesome deals. Two years ago we paid $10. This year we paid $20, but we got a 7 footer and a 3 footer. And there is a small story to go with it.

If you have been to the North Carolina State Farmer's Market in December, you know how packed it is of Christmas trees straight from the farms. Fortunately there were only two dealers there, so kids couldn't get too lost. But enough that there were a few crying session when Teagan lost sight of Daddy. So Joseph scooped him up and carried him around asking him which tree he like. He picked out a Teagan sized tree, about 3 feet. The worker was so sweet and gave it to us, for free! Alex and Teagan were so excited about getting a tree for their room. Alex was so worried about this little tree, begging Joseph to trim it and take it inside (tomorrow morning. It was too dark after dinner.).

So tomorrow we will decorate both trees. I've already got the lights on the big one. We switched over to LEDs. I must admit it give the tree a different look. And I still have to get everything adjusted in the living room. But I won't ever give up the smell of a live Christmas tree. But I'm wondering, each year we seem to add one more tree. Two years ago we had two trees, and considering we were out of town for Christmas last year one was remarkable. This year we have three. Are we going to have four next year?

Short Weekend

Friday, the kids and I ventured over to Raleigh. There we met up with my Bro and Aunt and went to Mokey Joe's. Everyone had a blast. Alex made a new friend and Teagan discovered the fun all over again. But while we were gone, poor Joseph had to stay home and work. Slaving away all morning long. Went up for lunch. Popped something into the microwave, and then hit start. A few seconds later, it went POP! So poor Joseph has to try and figure out something to eat that didn't need a microwave. Unfortunately most of the bread was moldy (it has been a hard week). But he was able to find some going stale costco rolls to make little sandwiches. That night Joseph began dismounting and taking apart the microwave. He found the fuse that blew, and I was able to go Saturday morning and get a replacement one for 2 bucks. But then he discovered the short. And a few other things that need replacing. So after googling like crazy he found a part store that carries stuff for our 15 year old microwave. Now we just need to be patient till the parts come.

Saturday was a day of errands. Christmas shopping DONE! Even got all the stuff to wrap everything. Later that night we went out to dinner with my Grandparents to our favorite place Japanese Steakhouse. SUPER WONDERFUL dinner. Sunday was spent wrestling the two little ones at church and wrapping almost all the presents.

Tonight more sewing! Turtle quilt almost cut out, and then time to assemble! I can't wait to see this thing done!

So Much to talk about...

We have had a busy and special weekend. Grandma Nese (what Alex calls her and it sort of stuck. I hope she likes it) came to spend some time with her two kids, one kid in law and three NC grandbabies. I think we properly wore everyone out, but had so much fun. We went to the NC fair, a whole lotta happiness; fishing and a picnic; birthday party and Nasher (Duke's Art) Museum; BBQ Festival in Lexington NC. She also got to tour Lala's new condo and hit at least three fabric store (one was upholstery, which she hit the treasure chest, 5 pieces for free). In her spare time we watch a movie, sewed 6 pillows, cut out fabric for 2 of the pumpkin bags (I finished sewing those last night) and had lots of silly and serious chats and countless tickles and laughs. Alex and Teagan latched on and are going through withdrawals. Alex was simply distraught whenever Grandma Nese left him. But if he left her that was ok, unless he discovered her gone when he got back. Poor Alex, he just didn't want to share his Grandma Nese.

Tonight we had a photo session with a friend of our.Some family photos We were at Duke Gardens, and had lots of fun being silly. She commented on that, and I said she should just see us at home.

Tomorrow Alex has a fall festival at school. Then later that night we have our ward trunk or treating activity. Friday we are having a small family fall festival, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and hopefully some gingerbread pumpkins. And then still more trick or treating on Saturday, on top of the other usually Saturday activities.

Kids are busy growing up. Teagan is cutting his 2 year molars, and near miserable. We went to playgroup today, and he barely left my lap. Alex is finally excited about writing and is doing a lot better at remembering what he did at school. He even likes us questioning him about it, and reminds us to if we forget. Abby Sue is getting bigger, but no signs of a crawler. She does love to roll everywhere, the other day she got herself stuck under the piano. She is a bit picky though, she doesn't like to roll if there are toys all over the floor. She has also won the baby food battle. She has hated 'baby food' and I finally gave up on trying to get her to eat it. Today at Chickfila she ate a half of strawberry with only one slight gag. Somehow I feel like my baby is quickly disappearing, even though she doesn't even crawl or walk. She'll be deadly once she does.

I was excited about our new table upgrade. We have been living off third handme downs for a while. It was a small round table, and never really worked for the usually dinners I cook. Now we have a big huge table with six chairs. Best part is we can even replace four of the chairs with some benches and have it sit many more! But it is nice to have a table big enough to put dinner on the table and eat off it too. Time to have people over more often (after I recover the seats; to do list next week).

Teagan in his turtle costume. I'll get him to like it, as soon as he figures out people will give him candy for wearing it, I'll never get it off him.

To catch a fish

So Joseph, Alex and Teagan went camping and fishing with friends. Abby Sue and I stayed home, she has a cold. The grand Announcement is Teagan caught a fish! I've got me three fishermen now!


So anyone who knows Teagan knows that love is an understatement when it comes to him and turtles. He is nuts about turtles. So I've spent about a week researching turtles and tortoises, trying to decide which one is best for us. I had NO CLUE that turtles are such a difficult pet, to get started. My hopes of transforming an old aquarium for them isn't looking like a good option, unless we go frog. I also discovered that a 10 inch turtle needs a 60 gallon aquarium! 10 inches is about average size, some species are smaller and some are larger. As much fun as it would be to get a semiaquatic, I'm thinking tortoise is looking better. Very little water. But now I need to look into a tortoise table and then try to find a reptile dealer. Fish are starting to look more and more appealing.


Siblings were in town. We had a blast. Lots of shopping! Carolina Prime Outlet mall and Old Navy were glad we came, plastic is on holiday (hehehe). We also got to go to the Duke Lemur Center, my boys love it there. So if any family or friends need a vacation feel free to come to our house. I'm good at organizing vacations here in Raleigh area.

Alex: he is loving preschool. Though when asked what he does or what he learns he can't remember. Maybe one day. Loves taking a turn with my camera. Will have to post those pictures.

Teagan: scream fest is over! Ends up he is going through a growth spurt. So feed him more this morning and no screaming! Crossing fingers that that game plan works this afternoon.

Abby Sue: eats everything, literally. Today she ate my bowl of tomato soup, I just had enough to dunk my sandwich in it. She also say Momma. Sorry Joseph. She is full of funny smiles and lots of laughs and giggles. A pure ham for the camera. She is a joy to have in our family. Boys are completely nuts over her.

Joseph: work, work and more work. Occasionally a movie or video game night.

Nichol: has reached the point that sleep is not overrated, but thrives off less sleep. Still canning, now on to tomatoes. Has five Christmas presents done, doing great since four were cross stitched. Has sewing all the block for my first quilt together. It looks AWESOME! Now just have to find some time to finish it.

NC has a nice beginning of Sept. Nice cool temps, but today it is summer again. 90 degrees and HIGH humidity. Rained off and on for a week. So it is good it is hot today, everything is still too wet to play outside. Alex and Teagan love to watch and help play computer games. Latest one is Zoo tycoon. Made a mental note that I've got to get that one in Mac form. I hate windows, and having to reboot my mac into windows (having to do that at least once a day). Every time have updates. Grr!