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Joseph has found a hot sexy concept car. Not only does it look awesome, the preforms just as sexy as the car looks. Check it out. conceptcar
I think we'll get one if it passes through concept to production. Though I've already told Joseph he'll have to stay home and have the kids so I can have some fun too.

GO North Carolina

NBC did a recent top 10 best places to live. They used all the other one to compile this list. Charlotte, NC was #9. But it gets better! Raleigh was #1! And it topped many of the other best places to live list too. And why not? We have the RTP (Research Triangle Park) that is a huge technology hub. Lots of stuff to do, museum wise too. And more than a half dozen hospitals within about 20 minutes of each other. LOTS of colleges and universities. And a great access to locally grown produce year round. The best parts of Raleigh, in my opinion, are the little suburbs in it, the old places. I've family that live on a good piece of land (meaning they have a standard swimming pool and still lots of yard around it) right near most things in Raleigh. I also love driving around and seeing all the different types of buildings. It is good to live in a place I love.