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More Girl

Abby Sue LOVES the bunnies. Though she isn't too sure about holding them by herself while Momma takes a few photos. My favorite part is where the bunny cages are located. I moved them recently, so now she can go look out one of the dining room windows at them. And does she love that, squeals and laughs and pure excitement. She makes the day great.

Just can't help but love her more...

Everyday Abby Sue finds new ways to help you extend you love towards her. From her hugs (actually she is using you as a napkin, I've a chocolate stain on my bum to prove it) to her sneaky ways to get kisses to her wanting to be tickled, wrestled and cuddled (all at the same time). Today she helped me separate laundry. She would throw laundry at me to organize. I've never had so much fun organizing laundry. She loves to unload the dishwasher and set the table. She even tries to call the family to dinner. I just can't help but to love her more and more everyday (even if she ruins my few remaining clothes).

She walks!

Abby Sue has decided that it is fun and a type of good transportation. It has been wonderful watching her do laps in the house or peek around the corner just to laugh and go somewhere else. She is quite a clown.

Real Concerned

As we prepare to embark on a 7ish hour flight soon, I'm start worrying. And now it is about Abby Sue. It isn't if she'll be good the whole time. It is about food. Abby Sue is going through a HUGE growth spurt and eats nearly non stop. I'm going to need at least two duffles FULL of food to get her through the outbound leg alone. This morning she ate two HUGE bowls (I mean adult sized) of cereal, a cereal bar, two crackers, a yogurt, most a bag of those freeze dried fruit bites from Gerber and a lot of goldfish. And she hasn't been up for three hours yet! How are we going to make it 7 hours on a plane? But once she is full she is happy and cheerful, till she is empty again. Then we start with screams until she is full.

This girl KNOWS

Abby Sue has surprised me in many ways. Not only does she know if she is being left out, but she is very opinionated as to what exactly she wants. For example, we were at a 3rd Birthday party today. Alex and Teagan got goodie bags and Abby Sue made sure she got one too. But there were two different types, one had playdough and the other bubbles. She was first given a playdough one, but refused and grabbed a bubble one. She didn't see what was in them, just heard the words.

Lately I've been letting her 'read' to me. We skip all over the book, but she gibbers the whole time, pointing to different things and looking up to see if I'm paying attention. Today we were reading "Bear Snores On" and I turned to the Sneeze part (all you Moms know what I'm talking about) and Abby Sue did the sneeze. It was the cutest thing I've heard. Which was refreshingly wonderful considering I had whiny Alex to deal with.

She is also good at mimicking words. She has said Derek, Love You and I'm sure more that I just can't catch. But these haven't been repeated. She loves to use this and that, though they sound more like dis and dat.

She is also reaching a communication frustration. She still screams a lot, so it leaves us guessing. So during snack time, if I can't guess what it is she wants. She'll go get it. Usually it is water, so she crawls up to the table, stands herself up and gets a cup. But she grabs it by the lip and always pulls it down so all the water spills out. So I have wet carpets (who again thought putting carpets in a dinning room was smart? I'd like to change their mind and so would my carpet cleaner.) but also a smile.

More teeth are on their way. One has broken through on the bottom and another few are close behind. So Now there is three on bottom and four on top. Looks pretty cute to me.

A Happy Change

Abby Sue has really been very leach like with me. No one, Joseph included, could take her from me. And all she wanted when she was awake was me. To say it simply, it was draining. But now she is all about Daddy! She LOVES being on Joseph's shoulders and running around with him. She loves him spinning her and being dizzy. She just wants Daddy! I'm happy for the break. Though it is hard for her to be patient for her turns with Daddy. And I know how to win her back, just pick up Teagan. There is a lot of competition between those two, but you can't have siblings without competition it won't be right.

Super Bowl

I honestly could careless about the Super Bowl, but an exciting thing happened. Abby Sue sat up! Yes, I know she is very slow on the gross motor skills. Maybe she'll walk by the time she is 2. I'm hoping for crawling by 18 months. But she has the fine motor skills down faster than any other kid I've seen.

6 months

So it has been a little over 6 months since Abby Sue flew out into the world, but she was sick last week, so I didn't want to post a photo of her with green snot running out of her nose, we did have brownies in her honor on her 6 monthday. So here she is 6 months and 8 days old. Today she went to the doctor, 20lb 4 ozs (95%), 27 and a few hairs long(90%) and has a big head (95%, 45inches). She also braved two shots, not a single cry out of her only a little whimper with the second, but she is making up for it in crabbiness today. She is on the move, not crawling yet though. She loves to swing at the park, especially when Alex pushes her. Ok, she pretty much loves anything her brothers do with her, as long as they don't tackle her. She likes to tackle them. She also loves the camera, which I enjoy. Alex and Teagan are too difficult to get, they are constant blurs.

Complete 180

Abby Sue was a very high demand baby until just recently, and boy am I relieved. She went from always needing constant attention to being able to keep herself happy. Like tonight, she woke up late from her evening nap, so I put the boys to bed first. She sat in the living room playing with a handful of toys the whole time. Life is good again.