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Top Posting vs. Bottom Posting

I've never understood the top/bottom posting fiasco, for fiasco it is. It's almost as foreign to me as the HTML vs Txt e-mail. Perhaps its because I grew up in the Google age, but even in the days of 200 baud modems one would want to see the relevant (i.e. new) text first. Perhaps I just haven't been properly introduced to the contrary argument. Perhaps it's time to repeal this part of the RFC. Oh wait. I just noticed that the "RFC" is only informational, and has not been officially ratified, so adherance is not required.

"This memo provides information for the Internet community. This memo
does not specify an Internet standard of any kind." Continue reading "Top Posting vs. Bottom Posting"

What needs to happen to the Internet to foster the next phase of growth

I wrote a message to Master Card suggesting that they provide a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to allow identified web browsing and e-mail encryption. I hope they implement it. I may also send it to Discover, American Express and Visa. Identifying yourself to a website has become such a hassle just to remember all those usernames and passwords. Hopefully something will be done to implement a similar system. Continue reading "What needs to happen to the Internet to foster the next phase of growth"

Evaluating Content Management Systems

I've been charged with the duty of creating an Intranet site for my employer, so to make my job easiest, I've decided to look into CMS as a way to simplify adding, removing, and editing the content. Several Open Source CMS exist, but the following are the most well known and recommended. I'll be looking at and installing them over the next few days. Continue reading "Evaluating Content Management Systems"