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3 Years of Bliss

It is hard to believe that is has been three years that we have been married. It seems like much less. It is awesome to look back in amazement at all we have done. Joseph has been in three different companies during that time, and now he has landed in one of the best out there (according to me). We also bought a huge house that needs some work to update it, but still in great shape with great character. We have a beautiful baby boy that is the love of our lives the moment he arrived. I've almost finished my associate degree, I would be done but family comes first. Now I just need to find the perfect school of design to become, drum roll please, an interior designer. Though I'm using my house as a testing ground. And so far it is turning out great.

I can't wait to see what the next 3 and then on to 30 years brings!

Feeding Adventures

High chairs and doctors, they just don't get along. At four months they suggest you start feeding them solids, but what do you put them in? High chairs and boosters are from 6 months up. So I've tried the bouncer, it didn't work in feeding up. It works great in making a mess and bouncing him so much it bounced all food out of his tummy. I've tried the exersaucer, didn't work either. He was so busy playing, that food went everywhere. And due to his leaning, food didn't stay long. I've tried holding him in my lap while I feed him, by the end of that we both need baths. So far the only thing that works is for Joseph to hold him while I feed him. It is great in clean up. Joseph keeps his hands busy while I feed him.

I can't complain too much. It is very funny watching him attack the spoon. As well as him trying to literally inhale his food through his nose. It is also amazing that no matter how well I scrub him, I still find cereal in weird places.

So far Alex like oatmeal with apple juice, salsa (not too spicy) and all the fruits I feed him. We are still working on the veggies.