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My Club House

Today Alex discovered a club house, or at least that is what I think he discovered. He now hides under our little table in the living room. I'm sorry to say he is a little too big for it, but he likes it just the same. The first time he went under, only his upper half was under the table cloth. Then he did a quick reversal and dashed off to get 2 of his balls and his kitchen spoon. Then the four of them dove for cover. I hope I can get him to surface for nap time.

Hugs and Kisses

Teagan is such a doll. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He'll fuss until I pick him up and then he just gives me the biggest hugs he can. It was so cute and wonderful, Joseph got jealous and tried to get Teagan to give him a hug. He is still perfecting the art of giving kisses, but at least they aren't wet kisses. He grabs my face or my shirt and comes in and plants a big one on me. I love it!

Letter Master

For a slow talker, he knows his letters. He doesn't know the alphabet song, but he knows each letter and the sound they make. We spend most of bath time right letters all over the tub, I think we need a bigger tub :-P . We also spend a good bit of time righting letter on the fridge with the dry erase markers.


It snowed today. It started off as a cold rainy day. And then by early afternoon it slowly changed over to a wintery mix and by the time Alex woke up it was almost completely snow! Thankfully the grounds were too warm for it to stick, till about dusk. So tomorrow we will have to be a little cautious due to the low temperatures, but seeing the boys play in the falling snow.

Alex had so much fun. First thing, he looked like a black marshmellow on a tan stick. I promise I didn't put that many layers on him, just his winter coat is nice and thick. And he had a bit of a hard time getting used to the winter boots Aunt Annette got him, but his feet stayed warm. Once all bundled up, we had fun just walking around the yard in the snow. Then he went straight for his baseball bat and ball, and we played some ball. Alex is amazing, for a two and half little boy. He is able to hit the ball about half of the time. He loved it so much he didn't want to come inside to get Teagan all bundled up when he woke up from his nap. Then when I finally dragged him in and unbundled all of us, Joseph arrived home. So then we asked Alex if he wanted to go back outside. Alex's reply "freeze, yea." So we all bundled back up and all went outside to play.

Teagan didn't know what to think of this cold wet stuff. But after a little bit he was having fun too. Pretty nice 8 month old celebration.

all boy

Teagan has developed a love of cars and trains very early in life. Today Teagan army crawled his way over to Alex's garage and started playing with all the cars and trucks as well as the garage itself. And he was very upset when Alex stole the Thomas train he was playing with.

Teagan is also quite the rough houser. Teagan's favorite family activity is wrestling on the floor. And he is one tough baby. Alex loves to steam roll him, and Teagan just laughs. But Teagan gets back at Alex by grabbing his hair. All is fair. Teagan can't get up and tackle Alex, so he just pulls hair and clothes.

More Fun than ever

I've been blessed with a chance to take on watching a cute little boy, Ty, while his folks work and finish up their schooling. Three boys is a lot more fun than two. All three boys enjoy playing together, and are all captivated by Thomas' Big Loader.

I finally uploaded more recent photos to my digital photo frame, and we are all enjoying it. Alex stand in front going "mom" or "dad" or "me" or "teetee" as the pictures cycle through. It is fun watching Alex's reaction.

My bro Derek is working on a sweet collages of each of the boys. It is a school project, and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it. I'm excited to see it. And then hang them for all to enjoy. Speaking of enjoy, our huge master bathroom remodel is done! It looks like it belongs in a spa hotel. Hopefully we'll get the lace drape hung today or tomorrow and then I can take a picture to start showing it off.

Binary Pineapple

Alex is so funny. Yesterday I heated up 5 chicken nuggets for him to eat for lunch. As I plated them, he counted them "one, two, one, two, five." That caught me off guard. So we counted them together and again the same thing happened. I guess Alex is on his way to being a computer geek, though they use 10s. Minor adjustment.

We also had some pineapple with lunch, Alex was very determined to master that fun word. So with every bite "bye bye pineapple." Then when they were all gone, "more pineapple." Followed by "bye bye pineapple."

Alex has developed a big sweet tooth when it comes to cakes and cookies. Sunday I was making some biscuits for dinner, and he thought they were cookies. So the cookie bandit struck. The worse part was that there were 3 adults and no one saw him sneak the cookie out.


Teagan is a very talented little 7 month old. He loves to play with his tongue. But not just the normal baby stick out the tongue thing. He can fold his tongue is almost every way possible. He also loves to click his tongue. And he'll loves to copy me as I click mine.