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Its Raining Its Pouring

It rained last night, YEA! Very excited since we are in a drought and all the beautiful grass Joseph planted, and my rosemary bush died because of it. During the thunderstorm, we had a crazy boom unlike anything I've ever heard. Our back gutter fell off our house! Well, I guess we need to replace the gutter system now. Luckily the front stayed on.

Just one more thing we need to fix, and soon.

Small Accomplishments

Today has been a day of small accomplishments. The most important one is mopping the kitchen floor. I've been trying to do that for weeks, but things seem to pop up and it never got done. Teagan also prefers to eat his Cheerios off the floor, so I've been pressing myself to do it.

I also was able to get all my errands done for the week. And the amazing things is that I've also been prepping for Alex's birthday party on Saturday. And I've got most of that done ahead of schedule. It didn't help that it was due to the fact that my car is still unusable in this 90+ degree weather and I had to do it the day I had Joseph's car.

Alex has made some small accomplishments of his own. He finally got me to see the light, he is a big boy and doesn't need a nap. It took a while for me to let go of the pleasure of my free time (aka naptime). But now life is better. As long as I can keep Alex from waking up Teagan from his naps.

Security Umbrella

Since the purchase of the little green umbrella, Alex takes it everywhere with him. Yesterday we went to spend the day with my aunt, and yes the green umbrella came with us everywhere. He was depressed if Annette tried to make him leave it behind. She said "I've heard of security blankets, but never a security umbrella."

Little Green Umbrella

Alex loves to wear his frog boots and carry an umbrella in the rain. When it starts raining, he begs to go on a walk. (He takes after me, I love playing in the rain.) For a while now he has been using my old purple umbrella. But that had several holes in it, so it couldn't do its job to well. Today while at Target, Alex and I went to pick him out a new umbrella. Green or blue or plaid, which one would do? Alex took one look at the green umbrella, and it was love at first sight.

Today, Joseph has been swamped at the office. So I called up my Grandpa and Grandma Jackson and we went to Johnny Carinos to take advantage for their family plates for regular plate price deal. Alex brought along his green umbrella. I tried to talk him into leaving it in the car, didn't work. So it sat on the table till our food arrived to then be hung on his car. Upon leaving the restaurant, I was glad he brought it. It was raining buckets! Though it didn't help me and Teagan stay dry, since Alex was carrying it. And it didn't help Alex too much either, the wind was whipping the umbrella and the rain. But Alex loved carrying it and did manage to stay dryer than Teagan or I. And I was able to transport Joseph's dinner to the car and the food stayed dry.

Self Accomplishments

I taught Teagan self entertain at a young age. It helps when you busy errands every Momma has to make, and stuck either in the car seat or a cart seat. He usually motor boats, plays indian all over the place. Today on our walk, he started it up. But a new game, pat- a- cake. It was ever so cute to watch him play as Alex pulled the wagon.

Teagan has also decided he wants to start self feeding. He's like eating the snacks, but just recently add mealtime food. I'm very excited. Though I'm not sure what to think about his latest snack. Alex has really gotten into fruit leathers that we have bought at Costco. After opening one for Alex I throw away the trash in the living room trash can, which usually only has paper scraps. Teagan scurries to the trash, pulls out the wrapper and starts sucking all the flavor off it. It is really quite funny to watch.

Teagan is showing major steps to walking, he can stand up for a bit on his own and even take a few steps. But he enjoys crawling more, so walking is a game. Hopefully I'll be patient enough to wait till he decided to walk.

Free Movies

I'm so excited the summer is off to a go start. We found lost of free movies! And the best part is between the two theaters nearest us, we will have a free movie every week! Today we went to see Doogal. Alex gets so into movies. He was very worried and started to cry when the train was falling into the lava, and fell into the tunnels, and then when Sam was hurt and all the other sad or troublesome spots. Teagan lasted though all but the last 20 minutes of the movie! He loved eating popcorn, and when I wasn't fast enough he enjoyed eating my fingers too.

Next week will be even better, The Bee Movie and my aunt will be joining us too!

First Steps and sick

So Teagan is finally starting to take his first steps. We've been trying to get Teagan to walk to Joseph and myself to no prevail. But Alex hopped on my lap for some cuddles and Teagan walked to bear hug Alex. What ever works.

The men in this house have been sick since Wednesday. It has been no fun for me, especially since it has been variations of the stomach flu. Fortunately, Joseph convinced Alex to use "the sick bucket." Which made clean up slightly easier. Despite all the hard time with cranckiness (that still hasn't left) and diaper rashes. It was a nice chance to cuddle with the boys. Friday night was a very rough night, so about 10pm after we clean Alex and Teagan up again, we all headed down to the family and watch "The Seven Little Foys." The whole time while cuddling. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and mostly stomachs finally settled for the night. Then Saturday Joseph and Alex were complete bumps on the log, and fell asleep in each other's arms. That was the sweetest sight I have seen. I'll have to upload the pictures. But since recovery from the stomach flu is a slow, I'm still a little busy.

GO North Carolina

NBC did a recent top 10 best places to live. They used all the other one to compile this list. Charlotte, NC was #9. But it gets better! Raleigh was #1! And it topped many of the other best places to live list too. And why not? We have the RTP (Research Triangle Park) that is a huge technology hub. Lots of stuff to do, museum wise too. And more than a half dozen hospitals within about 20 minutes of each other. LOTS of colleges and universities. And a great access to locally grown produce year round. The best parts of Raleigh, in my opinion, are the little suburbs in it, the old places. I've family that live on a good piece of land (meaning they have a standard swimming pool and still lots of yard around it) right near most things in Raleigh. I also love driving around and seeing all the different types of buildings. It is good to live in a place I love.

When It Rains . . . It Pours

Why does everything seem to break at once? Within a few weeks we discovered water leaking in at the foundation in the office ruining everything on one wall, bad wiring in the family room, our sewage pump not pumping, our van a/c still not working and only discovering more things needing fixing. Then to top it off, Gus is regressing in housebreaking, Teagan has a stomach bug. And we are having wildfires due to the drought. I really wish we get real rain and not the everything break down stuff.


Last night we went to my aunt's house to take advantage of her apartment swimming pool. We all had a blast. Joseph and I worked at teaching Alex how to swim. He is slowly getting it, but can't seem to learn to keep his mouth closed. But he has learned not to swallow. Teagan was a fish in water. And it was a battle to keep a hold of him. Alex has finally learned the fun of going under water and loves piggy back swimming on Joseph's back. Summer is definitely fun. I'm just glad the temperature is getting back to normal. We had several over 100 days in a row, and set many records. The temp is starting to dip to were it belongs, at least for now. I do hope ran comes soon. All our grass is brown, but the good thing is it isn't growing so Joseph doesn't have to mow.