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No, this time it wasn't the boys. It was me.

I have collect quite a few craft magazines, mostly cross stitching. But recently Joseph FINALLY talked me into downsizing my stack. I find this hard to do. What happens if one of the patterns I threw away I'll need? Then I got practical in my thinking. No more ads and the stuff I don't like. So I've done most of my cross stitching magazines (I get three different ones and they pile up fast) and then last night I went through my scrapbooking ones. I've been though these dog earring the pages I liked or stuff or techniques, but last night I had to think more. What do I like about this what don't I, would I use this as a scrap-lifting page? But I'm pleased to announce the magazines have been downsized, minus the ones in the living room. Now I want to take notes on what I like about each page and file it in a three ring binder with page covers. (I love those plastic page cover. They are wonderful for cross stitching, keeps them clean, dry, and I can mark on them with a dry erase marker and wipe off when the chart is done.) Now the question is how intently do I want to organize them? I better decide fast I need to work on my cross stitching magazines asap, they are piling up again! And before Alex and Teagan can ruin the magazines (Teagan loves looking through my magazines).

He Peed!

We have been working Teagan into the potty recently. He's been a little scared. Nothing that some candy won't cure. Last night Joseph went to change his yuck, and discovered that he was still try. We all go rushing to the potty. Joseph with Teagan, Alex to see what was going on, and me with a bag of jelly beans. So on the potty Teagan sat and we waited. I slowly feed him jelly beans to keep him there. Joseph got the bath water going, poured a few cups of warm water on him down there and he pees in the potty! It is so exciting. We might be able to get Alex potty trained in the next few years (he has a southern stubborn streak) but we should be able to get Teagan going!

Learning to be wait

It's not easy for a expecting mom to wait for the baby. But it is even harder for a three year old. Even morning Alex asks when the baby is coming and when it does that he'll hold it and love it. Melts any Mom's heart. Teagan has even gotten in a little on it. More that he hugs and kisses and rubs the belly. Yesterday as I was departing for my ob appointment Alex asks if I was going to the hospital to get the baby out. "No, Daddy has to come too. Laurelin will be here to play with you when it happens." He was still disappointed. But today, if this baby could hear what Alex said I'd be running to the hospital. "Hurry up baby, I want to hold you." So Little Basil if you get the google reader in there, we are all would like for you to come out and get all our loves.


Last night my visiting teachers were ever so sneaky. They planned a surprise lady's night out. So near 7, they popped in to kidnap me (Joseph did have warning and approved). The funniest part was I was on the phone with my sister, Brittaney and in the bathroom when they came. I was paying no attention to life whatsoever. So I get off the phone and just head back to the kitchen to finish making dinner. Joseph announces I've have friends here. I know my eye were about ready to pop from my head. I was walking around in a maternity shirt that didn't cover half my belly and a pair of pj pants that were barely hanging on. So I quickly recovered from my embarrassment, and realize it was Amanda and Michelle. I go to switch into my jeans and then willingly get kidnapped. Teagan was just fine and said "gye- gye," Alex quickly broke down and didn't want to see me go. We had a fun time at cheesecake factory. Though I sort of missed our bedtime routine with Alex and Teagan. So maybe it was just the chase for a good night kiss from Teagan. But a night out was very fun. Though I've decided they don't make their chairs for a pregnant lady.

Pleasant Surprise

In trying to prepare for the soon arrival, I made Joseph pull down the 0-3month clothes. Yes, I know both boys were only in them for a week. But I made a very pleasant surprise, I have winter clothes in 0-3months! I hardly ever turn down free baby clothes, so I imagine that is where this good sized stash came from. There were even several unisex outfits too! Or close enough to unisex that we will make it work. So now the winter baby clothes are going through the washer, and another task will be marked off my to do list. Though today I've discovered I have no energy. I get winded and tired just walking down the hall. So I'm calling it an early weekend, especially since we will be out in the yard tomorrow creating a new garden plot.

Pregnancy Update

This was a different visit with my midwives today. One, I'm measuring over 42 weeks along but actually only 37. We are talking big baby here. And I hope it is a boy, could you imagine a little girl baby this big. If it is a she, she'll make my sister (who is about 6 foot) feel short! Then we started talking about a possible early induction. I'm unsure of it myself, yea I give birth to big babies, but I've not meet one yet I can't push out. So now I toy with all the possibilities. Do I let them induce me around my due date (that would be the earliest I would do) and risk a possible c-section? Do I wait another week and risk a 12-13lber? It's not like I gained a whole lot of weight, Teagan has been the most and that was only 11lbs. Right now I'm bout a 10lb weight gain. Now to wait till its time, I've decided to clean and clean and clean, as much as energy allows. Though the boys haven't been to kind on the keeping clean. Between Alex, Teagan and Gus (the stupid whining dog) I have to reclean carpets. But I've a mostly clean kitchen! and one clean bathroom. The infant carrier got taken apart (thanks Joseph, though you sort of ruined my day dreaming for a new one) and washed. A few sewing projects so I have something to wear these last few weeks, and who knows what else I can get going. Hopefully that will make time fly, though I have discovered I've been craving bacon cheeseburgers (boy that was a yummy lunch, can I have another for dinner? though I think I want french fries instead of a slice of cake on the side).

Sweet tooth

I've had the WORSE sweet tooth recently. I'll I've wanted was sugar all the time. Joseph is such a doll, while at costco last time, he suggested we get heavy cream. So we got 2 quarts and finished making homemade ice cream last night. It was very yummy! Then grocery shopping yesterday, hoping to find cherries and chocolate bars for cherry garcia, I left with a few bags of valentine's candy. Tonight I baked one of the two cakes. (The ice cream required 8 egg yolks, I couldn't throw away 8 egg whites when they can make two beautiful ivory white cake.) I've also promised Alex we will bake the other cake tomorrow, he was very crushed he couldn't lick the beaters (I finished after bed time). And then it is time to make the frosting. Any one want to come over for dessert and games?

Wake Up Call

It just hit me that my Mother in Law will be here in less than a month! Yes that means the baby will be to, but newborns can't focus and see a messy house like everyone else can. So now I'm forcing myself to find energy to clean the house. I'm happy to report the major cleaning project before baby arrival is done! I steam cleaned the carpet on the steps, and boy did it need it. Though it looks like in a little while I'll have to steam clean the carpets again. Between trying to finish potty training Alex and everyday life, the are going to need it. I'm still going to need to make a few jumpers so I can go out in public again, and cloth diaper covers for the new one. But I'm sure I'll be able to get it all done. Especially if we get all the deserts made today. Joseph and I started making some homemade ice cream, and now I have egg whites that are screaming to be made into some cakes.

Home Sick

Teagan woke up sick. Though it didn't change our battle plan for Sunday one bit. Joseph and Alex are happily making their way to a long day at church. And I get Teagan! His silly noises always amuse me. Recently he learned to make a play snoring sound that would get anyone laughing. Teagan is also learning more words, though everything seems to start with a g or a c. grog is frog (which he loves watching the poison dart frogs at the museum and zoo) gish is fish, well you get the idea. He is earning a nickname of tiger. He LOVES to roar, and roar loud and often he does. Most of the time it is at Alex when Alex steals a toy or pushes him away, but it also is random. He is very opinionated about which socks he wears, he doesn't care much of the rest of his clothes. So every morning he has to pick out his socks, it can take a while. I've discovered he doesn't like handme down shoes. We have this darling pair of blue shoes from Alex, and Teagan grew into them! But he HATES THEM! We have to wrestle him in them and then dash outside before he has a chance to take them off. Once outside and playing he forgets to hate them. Teagan's favorite word, again, especially when it is playtime with Daddy. Now he is into a weeks worth of newspapers, starting to tear them and roaring. Better go before I have a huge mess to clean.

Valentine's Date

I had the most wonderful double Valentine's Date. I had three hotties (Joseph, Alex and Teagan) accompany me on my date. We all went to the zoo for the day. We took my grandparents along too. Everyone had a blast. And the best part is Teagan walked most of the 2 extremely hilly miles himself! We only were able to make it to all the African animals, so we will have to go again soon to hit all the North American animals. I am proud to say I made it through those two miles myself. No need for a wheelchair (I did my research, just in case). We also introduced my grandparents to one of our favorite burger and shake joints. And all six of us ate for under $25! That included 4 shakes! Cook Out is GREAT! Before dropping my grandparents at their house, we went to one of our favorite Mexican places, Monterey for dinner.

Poor Joseph, he was up till 5am on Friday morning finishing code for his current project. The got up at 8:30 to run to a auto part store to pick up the right kind of antifreeze for the van and to get that function again. While he showered I was busy loading the antifreeze and car seats in the van. And we were finally ready to hit the road at 10ish. He insisted on doing all the driving. Then after arriving home and putting the kids to bed went back to work on the project. I finally chased him off the computer at 10pm with blood shot eyes. Lets just say he slept like a rock. Which was needed since I woke in the middle of the night sick and in pain. So today Joseph has had to play the roles of Mom and Dad on top of 'nurse' to me. And when nap time hit, he was off running again. Hitting President's Day sale at blockbuster, hoping for some more games and movies dirt cheap, working on fixing his red car again (same problem), hitting the grocery store for a second time to pick up milk and what ever he wants to cook for dinner. I honestly don't blame him for staying away so long (he still isn't home when I wrote this). He has a full to do list, and it doesn't even include my usually chores I do. I'm sure the dishes will get done sometime next week, it didn't work out this week and same for the laundry.