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Abby Sue's Birth Announcement

I've been promising, so here it is. Though there were more colors before I mailed them all out. These three were the only ones I had left to take a picture of.


Joseph and I (mainly Joseph) have been working on getting a HUGE garden going this year. So far so good. We have LOTS of onions (I love onions!). And Our butternut squash and zucchini are doing great too. And we have corn about 3 inches up too! Watermelon and cantaloupe, bell peppers, yellow squash are going in tomorrow along with the tomato plants. We will be very busy. I'm also excited about the new herbs I bought today at the farmer's market. We have basil (it never lasts from year to year outside that it), sage and parsley. Next time I go, we are getting a bay leaf tree! And who knows what else. There was a lemon basil that smelled so yummy! Now I've just got to prune my thyme and rosemary for the year.

Alex is very excited about helping in the garden. And he has proven himself as a perfect waterboy. Joseph fills up a huge bucket, hikes it up to the garden and Alex uses a small bucket to water each and every plant. Teagan is very good as an onion stomper, so he gets evicted quite quickly. I can't wait to see their faces when we start getting all these yummy produce.

Won't be left Behind.

For Christmas Alex got a two wheel bike, and he loves it. He speeds down the driveway and masterfully turns around and returns over and over again. So to avoid being left out, Teagan hops on the tricycle and walks it up and down the driveway, or anywhere else Alex goes on his bike. Unfortunately Teagan isn't as good as handling those tight spots, so I often have cries of "stuck!" So Momma or Alex to the recuse. It was a blast watching Alex and Teagan play in the driveway while Abby Sue nursed.

Mass Production

I've been busying working on mass production items: birth announcements and thank you cards. And they are FINISHED (minus 3 more thank you card I need to make)! I hope Abby Sue appreciates all I do for her. The birth announcements were very time consuming. I stamped, water color painted the two flowers and then hand cut one of the two. I was luck there was a punch that fit the other. I did enjoy making the first 12, but after 35 I don't want to make another. So it took me a while to work up the gumption to make 15 out of the 19 thank you cards (one for her scrapbook). Maybe that is why the thank you cards are so simple, but simple is very pretty too.

What I go through to teach my kids good manners.

How not to laugh

Abby Sue and I went to Michael's during the boys' naps (it has been very nice having Joseph home so I can run errands during nap time). When I returned I discovered Alex was tangling our living room, dining room and kitchen in my yarn. It was EVERYWHERE! Gus was even tied up, ok it was his crate, but he was in it. It took everything in me NOT to laugh. Alex does love playing in my yarn, he must be part cat. But he helped me ball it back up (these balls have been hit many times). Then he decided he wanted to do the laundry, while I told Joseph and had a good laugh. So I gave him a basket, and he emptied the dryer, then switched and proceeded to load washer. I got to turn on the dryer and pour the detergent in the slot and show Alex how to start it.

Then I decided to put Alex's helpful mood to work. We took down the bassinet and put up the play pen and it's bassinet feature, moved dirty laundry and changed the sheets on Alex's bed. He was done after that, and went to playing nicely in the living room while I continued cleaning.

I must admit he was in rare form.

Vacation to DC

We have spent the last week in DC with family; Laurelin, Steven, Bethany, and Amelia. We all had a blast. We didn't come close to seeing everything we wanted to see, but we saw lots of cool things. First day up was beautiful, so we hit the National Zoo. For being an intercity land locked zoo they have maximized their space. We didn't see everything there! And we spent almost the whole day there. Then we went to the National Cathedral, we were luck to be there for evening song, the sound was BEAUTIFUL! Then we found a very yummy Indian restaurant. The next day we worked on walking the mall and seeing all the memorials there. WWII was very nice, it wasn't there last time Joseph and I were up. Our boys loved the ducks and fountains. Then after a full day of walking we headed back to base camp, the Jorgenson's house, for some pizza and baseball. Alex had two "home runs," truth be told the first was really an out, but we didn't want to break his heart. Saturday we had more company in that my sisters and brother joined us. Brittaney had not yet met Abby Sue and figured a 2.5 hour drive was worth checking her out. It was love at first sight. We all went to the Library of Congress, I got 'lost' in there. I told them I was going to the Bob Hope Gallery, but it was heard as the bookstore. So Joseph went hunting for me, but couldn't find me. But as you can tell, I found my way there with no problem. After that and a quick refueling stop to eat lunch, we headed over to the capital for our tour. Steven willingly stayed with the food so the rest could go in. It was very pretty, but not exactly what we thought it would be. Then we all met up at the National Native American Museum. Then we took the Jorgenson Family to their favorite Turkish restaurant as part of our thank you present to them. I'm sold I LOVE Turkish food, I even ate spinach and I don't like spinach. Sunday, Teagan, Abby Sue and I stayed home from church so they could rest. I'm so glad we did too. Teagan took a much needed nap. Abby Sue slept extremely well since she wasn't stuffed into the baby sling, and my upper body had much needed break from carrying her all the time. After lunch we headed over to the finish up the memorials, we hit Jefferson passed George Mason and enjoyed FDRs. Kids loved the water features and blocks to climb on. Then we headed to the temple to walk the grounds. It is so beautiful there.

Monday we hit the Museum of Natural History. We all loved that. Teagan feel asleep on Joseph's shoulders, that was knee slapping funny. Too bad I didn't get a picture of it. Then when Joseph pulled him down, he sort of woke up and Joseph went "bear" Teagan said "Moo" and was out again. He usually roars when he someone says bear. That was how out he was. Then headed over for our spy training at the International Spy Museum. I passed my training, despite the fact I was trying to take care of Abby Sue and wrangle Alex. Tuesday we went to the Air and Space Museum by Dulles Airport. It is plain AWESOME! We spent the whole day there. Then a few minutes at a park, then back to base camp to start packing up. We left to have dinner with some of my friends (I didn't know there lived up there) and Steven, Bethany, and Laurelin discovered that it was Ma Jorgenson's birthday the next day. So birthday surprises began. After we returned with the van and put our kids to bed, Bethany, Steven and Laurelin went shopping. So Joseph and I schemed to keep them talking as long as possible. It worked. In they walk with ice cream cake and a few more thank you and birthday presents. So we all had lots of ice cream cake. After everyone went to bed, Bethany and Steven went back to the main floor to decorate. Boy, Ma got lots of surprises. Then Wednesday we all made our ways back home to the normal life.

All in all, we all had fun. And all happy to be home. We made very found memories and have already decided to do another family vacation within the next few years, depending on life.

A big step into Girliness

Just cause I'm not a girly girl doesn't mean I have to keep Abby Sue from being one if she wants. So I made a huge step for me, I bought materials to make some headbands! It's kid of scary, but I know I'll love it. Now to get ready to go to Washington DC.

What's that smell?

We have been suffering from sewage problems, blocked pipe out. I'm so blessed to have such a handy hubby. On discovery, he tried to run to the local hardware store to rent snake to fix it. But they were closed and he had to fix it in the morning. Then again he had to run to the local hardware store to rent snake and snake the pipes again. Darn roots in our pipes messing everything up. Unfortunately the toilet wasn't on, and we had a huge mess to clean up Thursday night, or I should say Joseph cleaned up the huge mess. We were up till 2+am Wednesday working on taxes, and then Abby Sue kept wake up to eat during the night, so I was USELESS. But I made up for it Friday night in cleaning the floors several times. Now the boys are at the hardware store buying a new toilet, our old one used 6.5 gallons of water every flush. And since it is off why not go ahead and replace it?

It is a blessing to not have to pay a plumber, but also to know if Joseph can't find work as a computer software engineer, he can always become a plumber.


Alex has recently discovered names. About a month ago, he discovered Joseph has two names, Joseph and Daddy. Just recently he has discovered my names. It is amusing to listen to him go through my list of names (that is if I don't answer when he calls the first time) "Momma. . . Mommy. . . Mom. . . Nichol" He'll keep the circle going till I answer or he finds me too.


We decided to do life differently this year for Easter, and I loved it. We will probably do it again next year. So we had ALL our Easter celebration stuff on Saturday, egg dyeing, egg hunt and Easter dinner. It was the only day the whole family could get together. And I admit it was easy on me! I didn't have to worry about cooking the dinner, and getting everyone ready for church on top of the eggs and other festivities. So Sunday, we simply enjoyed Easter. We read about the atonement and crucifixion, Alex loved it and wanted to read it again and again. And then I was able to ponder while preparing another nice dinner (it didn't have any bells and whistles to it, and we ate leftover veggies). Joseph's Easter present was a two hour nap with Abby Sue. The boys got their Easter presents in their eggs, dinosaur figurines. Abby Sue got some crochet mary jane booties, and more will come later, I've not had enough time to make some hair bows/ bands or more shoes.

Alex and Teagan loved the egg hunts. We did two on Saturday. Sunday Morning Alex asked for another, so I took some eggs in each basket and told them to go hide them. So for an hour Alex and Teagan hid and found eggs. The funniest part was Alex would come running to me asking for permission to either hide egg or find them.