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Teagan is 2!

I'm still trying to grasp the fact that the past two years have flown by. Two years ago, Teagan was just a newborn. Though his size lead people to believe other wise. Being born at 10lb 9 oz and almost 24 inches would do that. Now he is a string bean, we can't keep pants on him he is that skinny. But pretty tall. He is so much the talker. And he can count to 7 easily. (I wonder if I can install more stairs? so he can learn to count higher.) He is great at sharing, though loves to say 'mine' at all the toys to drive Alex crazy. He loves everyone, but a good tease. And loves to flirt and clown around. He is also very much a Daddy's boy, and prefers almost any male over Momma ( much to my dismay). He is full of loves for the women in his life: Momma, Abby Sue and all the Grandmas. Has favorite bib and shirt and good luck getting him to wear something different. He does have a bit of a hard time with change, so we only have one pair of shoes out for a season. He is also a big helper, loves to help with the dishes, laundry and vacuuming ( ok so he follows the vacuum around but it is just one step shy of vacuuming) oh and helping Alex go potty (the official toilet flusher). Loves to read or just sit on your lap and cuddle, if he isn't too busy following Alex around.

Enough rambling about him, all the birthday bash info:
On his birthday we went to the day baseball game. Durham Bulls won! We enjoyed peanuts during the game and afterwards we went to locopops for some YUMMY ice cream. Alex, Teagan and Joseph got mexican chocolate. I got fudge brownie. Then we went to Costco to do some shopping and pick up pizzas for dinner. Then we got home around 5pm, and Laurelin showed up and we all ate pizza and yummy homemade chocolate cake. He was very excited, he got his very own take along train set with a few cars for Percy to pull, and a cozy coupe from his great grandparents Jackson. Grandma Nese even sent his present on time! A kite, cell phone and ball, unfortunately Alex plays with them. Then we had Teagan's birthday party on Saturday, we had sloppy joes, backed beans, mac and cheese and watermelon. Followed by a green cake and ice cream. Teagan had a blast with the friends that showed up. And they all had a blast playing in the yard, we didn't do the activity and game I planned. But the kids had more fun playing in a the bubbles and in the water table, I couldn't pull them away. Except with cake and ice cream and turning off the bubble maker.

Playing blogging catch up

We have been so busy these past few weeks, I've barely found the time to clean and check email. So we moved Alex and Teagan into Teagan's room (aka the green room) while Joseph and I remade the room. Those walls were horribly NOT flat and had funny textures on them. I spent three different times filling holes and sanding. They are as good as they are going to get unless we rip off the drywall and install new ones. So here are the list of things we did:
1.) install crown molding 2.) painting ceiling, closet and trim a natural linen color 3.) painted the walls a slate color 4.) rip up the nasty brown carpet (the subfloor looked better than the carpet did) 5.) install tar paper and 6.) started to install bamboo flooring.
I must admit this room is looking AWESOME! and I'm dying to keep going in the house. Forget vacations, let's home improve!