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O Christmas Tree

In our endeavors to keep as much money as possible in our pockets, Joseph and I get our live Christmas tree the week of Christmas. And though it make things a bit more chaotic in trying to get it decorated and our living room livable, we get some awesome deals. Two years ago we paid $10. This year we paid $20, but we got a 7 footer and a 3 footer. And there is a small story to go with it.

If you have been to the North Carolina State Farmer's Market in December, you know how packed it is of Christmas trees straight from the farms. Fortunately there were only two dealers there, so kids couldn't get too lost. But enough that there were a few crying session when Teagan lost sight of Daddy. So Joseph scooped him up and carried him around asking him which tree he like. He picked out a Teagan sized tree, about 3 feet. The worker was so sweet and gave it to us, for free! Alex and Teagan were so excited about getting a tree for their room. Alex was so worried about this little tree, begging Joseph to trim it and take it inside (tomorrow morning. It was too dark after dinner.).

So tomorrow we will decorate both trees. I've already got the lights on the big one. We switched over to LEDs. I must admit it give the tree a different look. And I still have to get everything adjusted in the living room. But I won't ever give up the smell of a live Christmas tree. But I'm wondering, each year we seem to add one more tree. Two years ago we had two trees, and considering we were out of town for Christmas last year one was remarkable. This year we have three. Are we going to have four next year?

New approach

I've been struggling in the vast feeling of being outnumbered (wonder why, three kids and a hubby who seems to always be working). So yesterday I tried an experiment, and it worked! So I trying it again, and so far so good. I create short to do list. Four items, no more. And they have been getting done! House is getting cleaned! And I still find time to do some fun things too. Like yesterday I made an apple pie (Joseph was excited, Alex wasn't he's a pumpkin pie type of guy) and started to work on some roll out cookies (not sugar, they are a butter vanilla). And that was extra. I'm still wondering why I like to do dishes at lunch and midnight, but at least I wake to a clean kitchen. Today's attempt is going great. Two items already done. And the cookies will be finished during naps and the last thing after naps. Life is good.

PS. Tuesday was another very successful day, and so is Wednesday (even though I gave myself BIG chores, they are done and it was before noon).

Short Weekend

Friday, the kids and I ventured over to Raleigh. There we met up with my Bro and Aunt and went to Mokey Joe's. Everyone had a blast. Alex made a new friend and Teagan discovered the fun all over again. But while we were gone, poor Joseph had to stay home and work. Slaving away all morning long. Went up for lunch. Popped something into the microwave, and then hit start. A few seconds later, it went POP! So poor Joseph has to try and figure out something to eat that didn't need a microwave. Unfortunately most of the bread was moldy (it has been a hard week). But he was able to find some going stale costco rolls to make little sandwiches. That night Joseph began dismounting and taking apart the microwave. He found the fuse that blew, and I was able to go Saturday morning and get a replacement one for 2 bucks. But then he discovered the short. And a few other things that need replacing. So after googling like crazy he found a part store that carries stuff for our 15 year old microwave. Now we just need to be patient till the parts come.

Saturday was a day of errands. Christmas shopping DONE! Even got all the stuff to wrap everything. Later that night we went out to dinner with my Grandparents to our favorite place Japanese Steakhouse. SUPER WONDERFUL dinner. Sunday was spent wrestling the two little ones at church and wrapping almost all the presents.

Tonight more sewing! Turtle quilt almost cut out, and then time to assemble! I can't wait to see this thing done!

Better E-mail validation

Turbogears Due to several shortcomings of the stock formencode email validator, I forked it and extended the test suite. This fixes the two most glaring issues I know of, namely the inability to handle unicode strings (international domains), and several problems with input checking (e.g., allowing commas) where invalid e-mail addresses make it through.

I did not write most of the code, I just refined it and added tests to exercise it. Let me know if it's useful to you, and if you find problems with it.

Trying to blog

I've sat down at least once everyday for a while, trying to figure out what to blog. Lots has happened, or at least it feels like lots has happened.

My aunt has recovered enough and is at home.

Teagan loves to say gorgeous.

Alex is back in preschool.

It is still raining.

I had a good birthday. Annette toke us out for burgers for dinner and Derek arrived safe and sound. Joseph did do a great job this year. He took me out on a date! And he surprised me with it. Then he bought me my birthday presents ahead of time! One even arrived on time (cast iron wok the crochet pattern book arrived yesterday)! Two dates in one month, he is setting the bar HIGH.

Thanksgiving was great, we were able to have two families over to celebrate it with us. I felt great because the parents had to work Thanksgiving, so we were able to give them a carefree dinner.

Joseph did the Black Friday shopping (I was recovering from cooking and cleaning all day). He finished off most of the Christmas list too.

Joseph got to play football on Thursday and Saturday and Basketball on Tuesday. (Yes, he is still sore. And played BB last night too.)

A few of my friends are taking me out for my birthday tonight, and boy do I need it. Teagan is going through a hard stage. And I don't remember when I had some girl time.